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I'm curious to hear some of the favorite fanfics from my fellow 30+ Twilight fanatics. I have a few fanfics that I've thoroughly enjoyed ...

1. Honeymoon from Edward's Perspective by New Twilight Fan - It's the honeymoon chapters from Edward's POV. Need I say more?

2. The Endless Hours by True Cullen Spirit - The story takes us through the time when Bella is being changed into a vampire through her first hunt via Edward's perspective. It's a wonderful read!

3. Eclipse Chapters 8 & 20 from Edward's POV by Erica - She did a wonderful job showing Edward's perspective when he arranges for Alice to kidnap Bella while he's out hunting and during the night of their "compromise" when Bella agrees to marry him.

So, those are the fanfics at the top of my list. Anyone else have any great suggestions of fanfics that are must-reads?

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Written by Leesa:
Cullen Family Camping Trip

Written by Fire:
Burning Sun

Written by LisaEver:
Fallen Angel

Written by Amy:
The Visitor

Written by Alice:
"The White Night" A story after Breaking Dawn

Written by Cally_2k9_xo:
New Horizon

Written by Jessica:
Midnight Terror

Written by Corey26:
Hour Glass

Written by twilightmania:
Breaking Dawn - Bella's Pregnancy Edward's POV

Written by Isabellovesrob:
Smashed into pieces

Written by Adriana LaBlanc:
New Moon - Edward Comes Back Early
Scorching Sun

Written by jessica:
Rose's POV of Bellas Pregnancy

Written by ClareCullen:
Twist in Volterra

Written by momeg:
Reality? As If I were in Twilight

Written by Olivia Lautner:

Written by Beannie69:
Reckless Angel

Written by Georgina:
Renesmee's POV

Written by emotionaly_attached:
Christmas with the Cullens

Written by Denise:
The midnight after Twilight Part 1 (Renesmee's story)

Written by Stormiee:
Rising Sun

Written by ~Isabel~:

Written by Twilight Continued From Another Point Of View:
Thoughts and Feelings...From Edward POV (New Moon)

Written by Alice:

Written by kat:
Ater breaking dawn, a short story about the cullen family after the last page of breaking dawn

Written by Imagine:
Cullen Chat Room
Alternate Ending to New Moon
A Cullen Christmas

Written by TwiHigh:
Mind Reading the Mind the Reader - Pary in Text
Solar Eclipse

Written by Tori:
If edward was good at tracking
A Monster's marks

Written by Miss Zee:
Twisted Honeymoon

Written by Edward.Can.Dazzle.Me:
Always loved you!!!

Written by Aiswarya:
New Moon in Edward's perspective

Written by rest in peace alice. <3:
Praying for Daylight

Written by Lorena Isabel:
If you could swap lives with Bella Swan!!!

Written by Dazzled~by~Edward:
My renesmee (A letter from Edward to Renesmee)

Written by Vision of a Vampire:

Written by yneone:

Written by Katie Buchanan:
An Alternate Fate - 70 years after New Moon

Written by sydni alicee.:

Written by Yaletza:
F.C.D(Fictional Character Disorder) Story about a fan actually meeting Edward Cullen

Written by Ashley:

Written by Mary Hubbell:
The Cottage

Witten by Lisa McKenzie:
Wedding Day Edward's POV
Written by glimr:
New Family

Written by sydni alicee:
Velvet lace
Broken. Edward's Story

Written by dem_94:
jaspers POV Chapter 22

Written by Edwardswife17:

Written by EmCluvver235:
What happens if Bella doesn't pick Edward

Written by Alice:
White Night

Written by Imagine:
What Vampires do for Fun: Emmett Dance

Written by Aliceee!*:
Moonlit Deck

Written by TM Twilight Girl:
Listless Moon

Written by FutureCullen109:
In the Shadows

Written by Galadriel:
Forever Lost

Written by Edward'sVampireGirl:
Edward Leaving - Edward's POV

Written by Danni:
Shattered Hearts: Edward Anthony Masen

Written by Mrs.HayleyCullen:
The Search for Nothing

Written by Angelznight3000 a.k.a. TJ:
Two Can Tango

Written by edwards_stell:
This is how a heart breaks: A Edward Cullen Tale

Written by edwardlover833:
My Angel

Written by scary220:
Aurora Book 5 (After breaking dawn)

Written by Yoss Cullen:
Now I know...Angels TRULY exist
Wishing To Be So Much More
Endless Stretch of Darkness

Written by ♥Tia Marie♥:
"[No Title] by ♥Tia Marie♥ with help from I love Edward Cullen rated y-t [Same as New Moon]"

That's the end of my short list :-D
I also loved the honeymoon that sure put some blush into my cheeks!!! also when Edward kidnaps bella and proposes to her that was fantastic,i laughed and cried.I also loved "The Cottage" i did not want that to end. Everyone deserves a round of applause though they are all great so much talent please keep writing them we want more!!!!
What did you read where 'Edward kidnaps bella and proposes to her???

That sounds like something i need to read. I loved HOneymoon and the cottage!! Made me blush, too.

Please send me a link or the name of the story
Oh, I was hesitant to read fanfic at first, for fear of losing my love for some of the characters...I am still choosy about who I read too, because some folks have really different ways of writing...

BUT, I LOVE the Honeymoon from Edward's POV...beautifully written, and spot on with how SM would write it, although I wonder if SM was going to write this story herself, and how different it will/would be~how she will perceive Edward's thoughts during that time...

I also love the Cullen Family Camping Trip, truly so funny! I can't wait for more in that story! I have been forwarding the link to that story to everyone!

And now I am reading Burning Sun, by Fire...another great story and view on how the family continues after BD...Nessie's and Jacob's struggle with their imprint...I am trying to read it slowly as this is what I wanted to read about after finishing BD...Fire has a very interesting tale and showing the frustration of how their thoughts are is very similar to Edward and Bella throughout SM's series...

The only other one I am reading is An Alternate Fate-70 Years After New Moon, by Katie B....this one is a twist, with Edward NOT coming back after New Moon and how Bella remembers her life without him is very interesting and I'm almost done with it, but I don't want it to end yet!...

That's the only other problem with reading the incomplete fanfics~if they aren't finished and you are really into it, it's hard to wait for more chapters to be posted! I feel so lost when they haven't been updated, and then some of the younger 'commenters' on having to wait get to be rude and completely unreasonable sometimes, so that makes me nervous that the Author will not finish due to lack of respect towards them...
Oh i forgot to add "Cullen family camping trip" i was crying with laughter i could just see Alice and her tents she is too funny!!!
cullen~wannabee go over to the groups section on this site,there you will find fan fiction click on it and there is a whole buch of stories,you have to read "The Honeymoon" from edwards POV it is fantastic and steamy also "The Cottage" that one is steamy also hehe and "cullen family camping trip" is so funny so go get started and let us know what you think!!!
Thanks suzanne i am going to read that one right now!!! Talk to you later.
okay I am just as addicted to Honeymoon Edwards POV as I am the books - its hot! Also really good are Moonless Nights, Letters to Renesmee, Endless Hours, The Cottage/the Garden, Cullen Family Camping Trip and so many others - I am just so glad people are out there writing these so I don't go nuts with my OCD!!
Honeymoon Edwards POV was a great read!
im not 30+ but i've been reading a story by Carolyn which is Rob's Other POV
Its a right laugh :)
where is cullen family camping trip located at? Sorry, i am not ftoo amiliar with fan fic


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