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Does anyone else feel this way ... I am so irritated with the fact that most of the articles @ twilight or rob or any of the men from twilight is directly connected with the "tweens" ...I know I know it's was to be based for the teenagers ...but HELLOO some of us actually alot of us are 20-30's ...anyone else feel this way ? ...
I Read the GQ Article ...and It is def not for the "tweens " ... I cant for the life of me figure out way this irritates me so ...
Pulled this from yahoo this am .....

Frequent Buzz inhabitants Robert Pattinson and Lindsay Lohan make more news, and an NFL player kills a pedestrian with his car. Just some of the stories users found most compelling in this weekend's Buzz ...

~Mr. Wonderful branches out

The bobbysoxers had Sinatra, girl mods and rockers the Beatles, and Generation Y chicks 'N Sync. So who are the current crop of tweens and teens, female variety, giving their hearts, souls, and dollars to? Well, the Buzz don't lie, and no one gets more female buzz than "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson. Last week, females drove 84% of Pattinson queries, with girls 17 and under responsible for a third of all searches. But that may be about to change. The current spike in Pattinson buzz is coming as a result of his telling GQ magazine how hard it was, in the upcoming film "Little Ashes," to play a gay sex scene in which he also has a nervous breakdown. Pattinson portrays surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. Let the unisex searching begin.


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THANK GOD ...LOL I'm so glad ...that it's not just me but it will be interesting to see the rest of the movies are played out etc ... I just am so aggravated at the whole teenage girl crap .LOL
Damn Teenagers!
Nice pic by the way!!! but i agree with you wow if only they knew about all of us Ha!Ha! and our obession with him,i just bought 4 dvds i have the t shirts the jewelery and posters i buy the magazines with the jonas bros and myley cyrus on the cover for photos of rob inside and google him daily.Oh my goodness im really pathetic
LMAO ...nah we are normal ...but I am bias LOL , i have the shirts and I have pre order the blu ray dvd I got a copy for my b-day . I even have him plastered on my phone on my laptop , ipod LOL sad really ( not really) i <3 him hahah
That makes me feel so much better.. I have Rob all over my phone with different pictures of him in my phone to change the cover. Plus the computer is plastered with his face as well.
Nice to know I'm not the only one... and I google him all the time to check out the latest news.
OMG!!!! Aurora i bought that one too he looks so cute i laughed and i got my hair cut like alice too LOL this is too funny!!! i love the haircut though it makes me feel young.
I'm feel much better ladies ..lamo ...
My preteen daughter and I are having a great time with this Twilight thing; however, she's not quite to the age that she thinks I'm uncool and don't know anything yet...almost, but not quite :)
I have preordered a dvd and planning to get two more copies at midnight friday! That is when it's suppose to be released. Does anyone know if Wal-Mart will be putting out their display on midnight friday for the public??? I asked a service person in electronics and she was not very knowledgeable nor helpful.
The reason I am obsessed with the movies and actors is well, because they are affiliated with my Twilight characters. Can't explain, but I know many of you know where I'm coming from....
Well im no overweight mini van driving have no life mom ugh perish the thought!!! but i do only have one child and she is 21 and she is the one that got me addicted in the first place we have a pact in this house to share rob LOL and im constantly having to send her anything rob overseas where she is studying.Hey and i kep fit to with marshall arts and you would never get me driving a mini van.So to all you tweens out there these moms have a life twilight is just part of it so hmph!!!!
LMAO cullen_wannabe HA!HA!HA! I know and look where his pants are wow!!! oh what a sexy beast.
I do agree that they do forget about the grown women who do research, google, etc about anyone who would be involved in Twilight. Its funny how you mention that becuase one of girls on my list is a teen and once she found out I was 33 she stated that she never met any one that was older than 24 who reads the Twilight Saga. I had to point out to her the different age groups on this site. lol


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