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Does anyone else feel this way ... I am so irritated with the fact that most of the articles @ twilight or rob or any of the men from twilight is directly connected with the "tweens" ...I know I know it's was to be based for the teenagers ...but HELLOO some of us actually alot of us are 20-30's ...anyone else feel this way ? ...
I Read the GQ Article ...and It is def not for the "tweens " ... I cant for the life of me figure out way this irritates me so ...
Pulled this from yahoo this am .....

Frequent Buzz inhabitants Robert Pattinson and Lindsay Lohan make more news, and an NFL player kills a pedestrian with his car. Just some of the stories users found most compelling in this weekend's Buzz ...

~Mr. Wonderful branches out

The bobbysoxers had Sinatra, girl mods and rockers the Beatles, and Generation Y chicks 'N Sync. So who are the current crop of tweens and teens, female variety, giving their hearts, souls, and dollars to? Well, the Buzz don't lie, and no one gets more female buzz than "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson. Last week, females drove 84% of Pattinson queries, with girls 17 and under responsible for a third of all searches. But that may be about to change. The current spike in Pattinson buzz is coming as a result of his telling GQ magazine how hard it was, in the upcoming film "Little Ashes," to play a gay sex scene in which he also has a nervous breakdown. Pattinson portrays surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. Let the unisex searching begin.


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Yes...I totally agree. Irritating! He is not just for teens. Um...I mean "they" By the way...I so <3 that picture.

Okay back to the topic. The problem is that the books were written for the tween crowd. Us the 20-30 Something crowd fell in love with the writing styles of Stephanie (because Eternal Love appeals to every woman and so does an love triangle). Now here we are history in the making. Females ranging from ages 6 - 56 are salivating over the same hot bodied Twilight movie stars (I am mainly referring to Rob here).

It's a phenomenon if you ask me and one I am ever so happy to be a part of (smile).
Hell Ya..
not anymore!!!!! Lmao!
I have about half of these............but i will be adding some/if not all of these to my list!!!
ya know i was reading that too but like you it had too any pov's and i couldn't keep track and were guest authors..... i stoped reading it.
Well, returning to the topic... It seems like everyone from paparazzi to insurance workers to obviously tweenies are "Robsessed." The issue wouldn't bother me of it was the whole Twilight cast, but it's mainly him... or to me it seems like it. I mean, yes, he's gorgeous and makes a fabulous Edward, but seriously he's just an actor. Were/are people stir crazy about Brad Pitt or George Clooney in the same way as Rob? His actions and words are being monitored by fans 24/7 and posted online for everyone to blog about. Yes, I like him, but I don't want to twitter him. It's annoying and I bet he feels the same way too. The guy just needs some space... Also, instead of blogging where he had lunch, how about some new information about the movie. That's the case at hand.
I feel the same way too, but all these girls were just fawning over him like he's the most perfect creation and no one else matters... There are other hot Twilight guys too ;)
Two words:

It kinda makes it a bummer when they're married. That makes me feel slightly wrong, but I'm still looking/oogling. As for Rob, if he can maintain his beautiful-ness and not dangle in the grungy-sloppiness, I have no complaints
Saw a piece on msn news 2day thet Rob was clipped by a taxi tryin 2 get away from obsessed teen fans!! While filmin New movie Rob's ok but this is gettin out of hand!!!!! The media don't help matters but i do remember gettin wild wen i went 2 c N.K.O.T.B lol But i doubt i would hav endangered mine or there lives 2 cop a feel !!! Calm down teens!!!! xxxx
Shaking in my boots!!!
That is too funny.....good luck getting a spot!!!! I'm so glad my kids 'out-grew' THAT age.....I love my freedom now!!!
It's all good for his/her social development... tell them you are a Hunter =)


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