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Does anyone else feel this way ... I am so irritated with the fact that most of the articles @ twilight or rob or any of the men from twilight is directly connected with the "tweens" ...I know I know it's was to be based for the teenagers ...but HELLOO some of us actually alot of us are 20-30's ...anyone else feel this way ? ...
I Read the GQ Article ...and It is def not for the "tweens " ... I cant for the life of me figure out way this irritates me so ...
Pulled this from yahoo this am .....

Frequent Buzz inhabitants Robert Pattinson and Lindsay Lohan make more news, and an NFL player kills a pedestrian with his car. Just some of the stories users found most compelling in this weekend's Buzz ...

~Mr. Wonderful branches out

The bobbysoxers had Sinatra, girl mods and rockers the Beatles, and Generation Y chicks 'N Sync. So who are the current crop of tweens and teens, female variety, giving their hearts, souls, and dollars to? Well, the Buzz don't lie, and no one gets more female buzz than "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson. Last week, females drove 84% of Pattinson queries, with girls 17 and under responsible for a third of all searches. But that may be about to change. The current spike in Pattinson buzz is coming as a result of his telling GQ magazine how hard it was, in the upcoming film "Little Ashes," to play a gay sex scene in which he also has a nervous breakdown. Pattinson portrays surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. Let the unisex searching begin.


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Holy cow, what a drive.......incredible. Is that the closest vet for you to go too?
Your Rosie is so cute, sorry to hear that you had to put her down! I have a dog too! She's a pommeranien (I think that's how it's spelled!) and her name is Foxy and boy oh boy she can be a pain but I do love her!!!
Unconditional love is correct, my two dogs are so part of my family and we would do anything for them.
I am ok Lynn, thanks for asking. What they actually did was inject the radioactive fluids in my tryroid right 24 hours before they did a biopsy (very painful by the way) but I was negative for cancer, thank goodness, just need to be monitored and have to re-take the test soon again, since it's been over 9 months now.

I am so sorry about your Rosie!!! I know she was part of your family, that's a huge loss for you guys now.

My male shepherd just had to lumps surgically removed and yesterday they told me NO cancer, they were simple cysts, now he just has these two huge cuts with staples in them.....poor baby, but I'm so glad he is fine.
Lynn, I will get tested one more time, and hopefully that will be it trust me, I don't care for the pain part either.;( and the test was negative for cancer...Yup, these things are a real irritation for surer..=)
Heads-up gals, it could always be worse..=).......I am really happy today, I finally got the official 'word' that my son is coming back from Iraq THIS SATURDAY after a 15 months deployment. I am flying to Dallas for the welcoming!!!!
Thanks Twi, I appreciate that!
Oh your husband is in the Service too? We thank him as well for his service!!!

I will do that, thanks so much!!!!!!...He came home only one time during these 15 months for his 2 week R&R leave.
I remember when i was a teen, for me it was River Phoenix, the young Johnny Depp, and god knows who else???
But i dont remember being over the top to the point people might think i need mediation! lmao
and i think these days fans can put celebrities in danger too often. example= those nutters trying to hug rob in new york and he almost got hit by a car ???? something along those lines. idiots i say.


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