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Is Bella Swan a Human/Wolf hybrid ? Why or Why Not ?

From the first time we meet Bella, until the end of the Saga, it seems that there is something "other worldly" about her. I first started to wonder if Bella didn't carry Wolf (shifter) genes after reading what Edward said, when he tried to read Charlie's mind and found it "muddy and hard to read." pp.

We had known from the Saga's beginning, that Bella's mind was a "complete blank, and totally unreadable" to Edward. After Edward learns that he can only "partially" read Charlies mind, he says "now I knew where Bella's unreadable mind came from, it was genetic" pp.

When a parent donates a genetic trait to an offspring, the trait typically is less noticable in the child. (because the carrier's gene is diluted by the other parents genes)

The exception is when both parents are recessive carriers of a gene. (recessive means it is present, but not usually noticeable)

For example if both of Bella's parents had a great-grandparent who carried wolf genes, when Bella's parents conceived,her she could have gotten a double dose of the gene. (half from each parent)

And this would make the child more genetically dominant than either parent. (exactly as occurred in Bella's case)

The next tip came when I noticed that Charlie had placed the portrait of a wolf, at the head of the stairs next to Bella's bed room. At first I thought that it might just be a talisman against Vampires

But then it hit me, "No ! It has to be a treasured family portrait of one of Bella's great grand mothers !)

(It couldn't be her great grandfather's portrait, because the males in Bella's family are named Swan. (Swan is a derivation of the ancient Scotch name Svain. "via the Vikings"

The ancient Scots, like Bella, were one of the lightest skinned people on earth. They were also called "The ginger head people. " Because of their reddish hair.

Bella has dark hair, like her Native American great grandmother, but there is a touch of ginger in it. "I didn't notice before, but you have some red in your hair" "Only when the sun hits it" Bella replies.

Did you notice any characteristics or traits about Bella that make you suspicious that she might be part "Wolf or Shifter ?

Or did you notice anything about her, which would make you doubt she carried Wolf or Shifter genes ?

Memorial day grilling,

Bella's favorite great grandmother ? "How do she know?"

Bella visiting her great grandmother ? Fact or fiction ?

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And that's what i'd call dropping the hammer!

Heather, as the winner you shall receive the following:

Well said, Heather.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. Thanks, Ash!!!

Bella's Wolf and Edward's Monster


Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me about Bella's "Wolf." Do I believe that Bella Swan carried wolf genes. Yes I do.

I feel that their presence best explain Bella's "other worldly nature" and the powerful "opposites attract' like nature of her relationship with Edward.

Do I think that Stephanie Meyers "consciously" believes that Bella had one or more Quileute ancestors. I seriously doubt it.

But Stephanie and I live in a different world than most Americans. Like Stephanie I have grown to know and love the Pima and Apache people we live next to. When I went to Walmart today, the one located between my home and Stephanie's, 20 percent of the shoppers were Pima's and another 20 percent had mixed native American heritages. She, and I, and Pancho, know that any of our neighbors could have native American ancestors.

So it imposable that that possibility hasn't been imprinted on all three of our conscious and unconscious minds.

But as "Topaz Eyes" pointed out, when Stephanie was asked about Bella's other worldly nature, she mentioned the traits Bella shared with vampires not shifters. If she consciously thought Bella had, wolf shifter genes, I am certain the implications would be apparent.

Do I think that sometime in the future Stephanie may realize that her attribution of shifter traits in Bella, was actually a result of genetic expression ? I think that that is quite possible.

When any of us writes, everything we create is a product of both our conscious and unconscious minds. In reviewing their works lots of authors have later recognized that significant parts of their stories were the products of their subconscious.

Stephanie has been blessed with a world class talent for story telling. I have a feeling that the more time Stephanie spends creating and the less time she spends analyzing her work the richer we all will be,

Could you have made a stronger case for Bella's uniqueness being attributed to Vampire rather than Wolf traits. Topaz and Stephanie certainly think so. I've never attempted to do a plot analysis from that particular angle.

What about our forum members who argue that Bella was just a very special young woman. And that her "other worldly traits" were nothing more that amplifications of unique human traits, which were simultaneously being expressed, during the magical experience of falling in love for the first time.

I'd say they were provably right. I think that Stephanie would agree with them, today. And maybe we should all pray she never tries to analyze her characters to deeply, until she has finished her career.

The best selling science fiction book of all time was Dune. (A sci-fi masterpiece) But poor Frank's next 5 Dune books were disasters. (Too much thinking, syndrome)

So in conclusion. I think that I was right all along Bella has wolf traits. But I also think Topaz is right Bella's traits are more vampire in nature. And I think that all of the forum members of the "special woman" camp are right too.

But there is more to "Twilight" than Marlin fishing.

Like Hemingway I have loved to read and fish all my life. At the end of his career he wrote "The Old Man and the Sea" The story of an old fisherman who uses a simple hand line, in a battle to the death with the largest Marlin he has ever hooked.

As he wrote it Hemingway knew this book was going to be "his last gift to a life hard fought." And as he would say "only one who has faced the bull" could pour an entire lifetime of struggle into Santiago's death match with the marlin. Santiago of course always was Hemingway. But as Hemingway would say, It just took me a couple of years to figure it all out.

Some people would say "It's just a story of an old man catching a fish, don't try to read any more into it." But if you do that, you miss the joy of getting to know Hemingway. And that's not a fiction, that's a tragedy.

Thank You again,

Most sincerely,

Doc B

PS. How do you think Steven King felt as he read "Twilight." Sick at his stomach exactly as Salieri admited he did, as he listened to the "Requiem."

Marlin with "Santiago" Hemmingway

The "monsters" that turned Kings dreama to night mears

The Apache and Pima Casinos close to where Stephanie and I live, Which generate an ANNUAL profit of over two BILLION dollars
Bella " I didn't like the smell of blood"
Edward "humans cant smell blood"
Bella "I can it smells like Rust and salt"


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