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Is Bella Swan a Human/Wolf hybrid ? Why or Why Not ?

From the first time we meet Bella, until the end of the Saga, it seems that there is something "other worldly" about her. I first started to wonder if Bella didn't carry Wolf (shifter) genes after reading what Edward said, when he tried to read Charlie's mind and found it "muddy and hard to read." pp.

We had known from the Saga's beginning, that Bella's mind was a "complete blank, and totally unreadable" to Edward. After Edward learns that he can only "partially" read Charlies mind, he says "now I knew where Bella's unreadable mind came from, it was genetic" pp.

When a parent donates a genetic trait to an offspring, the trait typically is less noticable in the child. (because the carrier's gene is diluted by the other parents genes)

The exception is when both parents are recessive carriers of a gene. (recessive means it is present, but not usually noticeable)

For example if both of Bella's parents had a great-grandparent who carried wolf genes, when Bella's parents conceived,her she could have gotten a double dose of the gene. (half from each parent)

And this would make the child more genetically dominant than either parent. (exactly as occurred in Bella's case)

The next tip came when I noticed that Charlie had placed the portrait of a wolf, at the head of the stairs next to Bella's bed room. At first I thought that it might just be a talisman against Vampires

But then it hit me, "No ! It has to be a treasured family portrait of one of Bella's great grand mothers !)

(It couldn't be her great grandfather's portrait, because the males in Bella's family are named Swan. (Swan is a derivation of the ancient Scotch name Svain. "via the Vikings"

The ancient Scots, like Bella, were one of the lightest skinned people on earth. They were also called "The ginger head people. " Because of their reddish hair.

Bella has dark hair, like her Native American great grandmother, but there is a touch of ginger in it. "I didn't notice before, but you have some red in your hair" "Only when the sun hits it" Bella replies.

Did you notice any characteristics or traits about Bella that make you suspicious that she might be part "Wolf or Shifter ?

Or did you notice anything about her, which would make you doubt she carried Wolf or Shifter genes ?

Memorial day grilling,

Bella's favorite great grandmother ? "How do she know?"

Bella visiting her great grandmother ? Fact or fiction ?

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Dear Heather,

What a concise response.

It reminds me of the American General McCullifs response, to the German's request that they surrender at Baston.

And Napoleon's guards' response to the English request for their surrender at Waterloo, prior to their deaths.

Point well made,

Pensive Bear
Case Study of Bella Swan a "Human Wolf" hybred.

It is instintual for readers of the Twilight Saga to look for a unified therum* which simultaniously explains all of patient Swan's unique physical and psycolologic characteristics. Unfortunatly her recent "transformation" forces us to use the circumstancial evidence research technique. But previous studies using this technique have been accepted as valid by the medical community.**

Clinical Observations

1. While living in Phoenix Arizona human boys/men reportedly, did not find Ms. Swan particularly attractive.
2. Within 24 hours of relocating to Forks Washington over 60% of the boys in her high report being infatuated with Ms Swan (Vamp proximity activation ?)
3. Vampire E.C. risked exposure and possable termination of himself and his entire family, by saving the life of a "human" Ms. Swan.
4. The normal human trait of "instintive Vampire avoidence" not only was not demonstrated but she was atracted to a vampire
5. She was reported to have "Sweet Blood Syndrome" by three different reliable vampire sourses.
6. He biologic age was markedly inconsistant with her maturity level
7. Both of her biologic parents were from a community adjacent to a known "shape shifter community
8. Almost imediatly after her birth, her mother inexplicitly removed her from the Forks/La Push environment.
9. Her father demonstrated a preference for being in the company of known genetic shifter carriers.
10. Chiefs Black and Swan repeatedly encouraged Ms. Swan to spend more time in shifter community.
11. Chief Swans placement of the porteait of a wolf outside Bellas room well could have been seen as talisman against Vampires
12 The Swan Familie's portrait of the "The Lone Wolf" wolf could well be of a patriarchal ancestor
13 Chief Swan and Ms.Swan's genetic comfort "at being alone" could well have been a genetic trait (lone wolfism)
14 A shifted "wolf immediatly imprinted on her daughter.
15 No documented reports of "wolfs" imprinting on non shift carring partners found in literature.
16 Nesse's Aunt Alice abel to have prophetic visions of both humans and vampires but not wolfs, unable to read Nesse's future (recessive wolf gene carrier)
17 Bellas family name is Swan from Viking name Svein
18 Bella Swan has unusually pale skin and dark hair hair which has flakes of red in it when she is in the sun
Dear Moscov,

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us. With all do respect I will respond.

Did I read breaking Dawn. Answer Yes, multiple times.

The statements

1 She couldn't have become a vampire.
2. It likely would have Killed her.

Are interesting personal opinions, but unfortunately they don't directly advance our analysis.

3. Alice could "still see her future." (refering to Bella)

Is a good observation, because we know that Alice can see the futures of pure-bred humans ( H H) and pure-bred vampires ( V V). But can not see the futures of purebred Shifter Wolves.( W W )

But your observation can just as easily advance the proposition that the humanoid,
referred to as Bella Swan, was a Human/Wolf hybrid. ( H hhw).

We have to remember that Alice admitted that her premonition-al gift did not consistently work on hybrids. And specifically did not work on Nessie. ( V hhhw ) A truly odd combination.

But Bella's genetic make up of (H h-hw ) was much closer to Alice's. And we can now see that it must have been the key to why she could read Bella's future but not Nessie's.

Alice says " I can read human futures because I was a human. And I can read Vampire's futures because I was a vampire.
but Nessie is genetically mixed so my gift doesn't work with her" (I paraphrased her response)

To summarize this key observation:
Now we know that Alice could not only read genetically pure humans' ( H H) and genetically pure vampire's futures ( V V), but also could read Human/Wolf hybrid's futures, like Bella (H hhw). But understandably not Nessie's. The only (V hhhw ) genetic being on the planet.

Your observation that Bella was the only known woman in history, to have ever survived a hybrid Vampire birth, once again can advance our premise that Bella was a Human/Wolf hybrid ( H hhw).

I don't think the fact that Bella, was the only humanoid to have ever been impregnated by a vampire, delivered a live mixed Vamp-humanoid child, and survived is coincidental.

Since it is imposable for any child to have the same exact genetic makeup as it's mother. Every pregnancy is always accompanied by a degree of toxicity. All mothers' immune systems see the child's as foreign tissue. And the inevitable periodic mixing of the child's blood with it's mother's always acts as a toxin on the mother.

Usually this is very mild, but sometimes it can be quite toxic. (as in cases of, Rh negative factor babies, born of Rh positive mothers. And also apparently in cases where Human/Wolf mothers bear Vamp/Human/Wolf hybrid babies.

Bella's shifter genes obviously enhanced her resistance to toxins. And were provably not only why she survived carrying the mixed hybrid Nessie, but were also what allowed her to survive James's venomous toxic poisoning.

Finally we know two things about Catherine. She was insistent that her movie tell Stephanie's story as HONESTLY as possible. And second that she spent hour after hour working with Stephanie to see that their movie was as truthful as possible. The fact that after listening to hours of Stephanie's explanations, Catherine felt compelled to have a cameo of Bella's great grand mother's portrait in the movie. Is just like her insisting that Stephanie have a cameo roll as well.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Like you, for the longest time, I mistakenly thought that Bella was human. But remember Edward said of himself that his actions were only "human" to another non 'human' his beloved Bella.

A last thought for all of us.

The fact that all of our predecessors might look a little different ,
Doesn't mean that they don't love us. In their own special ways.
Sorry, but this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I could go on and on here, but I won't because it is a complete and utter waste of time. The only thing I will say is that there has never been anything written anywhere by anyone, most especially not by SM, implying Bella is part wolf.

I think perhaps you should take your research elsewhere, 'cause you're not gonna find anyone here to agree with you.
To me it kind of makes sense what you are saying, It is possible that Bella has Wolf Gene in her, it may be not very strong anymore, that's why the venom did not kill her, but it is an option. Very in depth analysis, I can clearly see your point here, thank you.
Dear JB,
Thank you for your opinion. As I read the Saga it seemed to me that Bella's personal traits seemed to be just too unique to be simply explained away as an atypical teenager. Some of the members of our group feel that it is imposable that a family of Scottish decent (such as the Swan's) could ever have married a native American. But I disagree.

Most sincerely,
Doc B
Hmm... don't take this the wrong way, but I've read all of your posts in this thread and while they're extremely well thought out, they kind of make my head hurt. ;)

For all the work you put into justifying your argument, I think Bella falls into the Occam's Razor theory where the simplest answer is the correct one-- that she was written purely with 'otherworldly' characteristics and nothing more. After all, Stephenie could've touched upon Bella's having a 'strange and mysterious' family member who was once part of the Quileute tribe at any point and she didn't.

In addition, all of Bella's 'otherworldly' characteristics often pointed more towards vampirism than being a wolf: Her beauty to the male population and how she drew them in; the way she could smell blood; her paleness; her preference to 'hang' by herself rather than hang out in a 'pack', etc., etc. There was a reason Stephenie wrote that it was as if "she'd been born to be a vampire" in the 'Shiny' chapter of Breaking Dawn. She was always closer to a vampire in similarities than a wolf.

Not to mention those characteristics that've already been mentioned-- that if she contained a wolf gene, she would've been poisoned by the vampire venom (which would've had to have been addressed in Twilight when James first bit her) and Alice wouldn't have been able to 'see' her. I mean, as Carlisle explained, Jacob had an extra chromosone in his genetic make up, so regardless of how dilute it might've been in Bella, she still would've carried it and the venom would've affected her.

Okay, this was longer than I originally thought it'd be (LOL), but it was all to say that I respectfully disagree with your assessment. :)
Dear Luv Topaz eyes.

Your post makes one excellent point after another. I can't find a single thing in it, to disagree with.

Several of our members have stated that since Stephanie hasn't spoken directly about this topic it can't be valid.

I am afraid I had to smile as I read opinions of that nature. Because they reminded me of an interesting seminar Earnest Hemingway attended, analyzing his work "The "Old Man and the Sea.'

One reviewer said, that since the "The old fisherman" in the story had thought this or that,
in the story, Hemingway had to be trying to tell his audience such and such a thing.

Hemingway didn't answer.

Another critic said that Hemingway's entire story, was really just an analogy for something entirely different.

Hemingway smiled and said that, after listening to the opinions of one reviewer after another, he was certain that several were exactly right.

"BUT," then he said "I didn't consciously know that, that was what I was saying, when I wrote the story."

"You see," he said, "I am a writer, and like all artists, we just create, we don't analyze."

My very favorite short ,short story by Hemingway was "Baby Shoes." You probably know the story, but I am going to repeat it anyway.

Hemingway had been talking about his unique writing style, of intentionally using short powerful sentences. (A style he said, he had been forced to develop, when he was a newspaper reporter) Someone asked him just how short a story he could write.

And he answered that, he could write a complete story using only six words. His questioner said "You mean you could write a sentence with six words."
"No" Hemingway, is reported to have said. "I can write a complete story, with a plot and a sub plot. One with joy, sadness, angst and with a moral message. All in six word."

He then of course wrote the story, "Baby Shoes"

Baby Shoes for sale never worn !

Thank you for thaking the time to share your excellent opinions with us.

Most sincerely,

Doc B
Have to say-- thanks for bringing this topic up. It's been interesting reading your hypotheses and the reasons behind them. I completely agree with you that there's no way any of us can jump into SM's head and say that because she didn't write something or hasn't addressed it in interviews, it doesn't mean it isn't true. I would truly die laughing if someone asked her this question and she answered in the affirmative that, yes, Bella carries a very faint wolf gene but she never brought it up b/c noone had ever asked her before and she never thought to bring it up.

Anyways, thanks for bringing this debatable topic forward for discussion. The board's been a little stagnant, so it was nice to use the brain for an answer. :)
Listen, I have no quarrel with anyone here, so I don't appreciate the 'tone' of your response. I thought we were all past high school and the need for one-upping someone who doesn't agree with your viewpoint. If you don't agree, that's fine and I can appreciate that and I'm all for debates, but don't come here to post, simply to throw out insults. Perhaps if she'd thrown in a shirtless pic of Rob, things would have gone better... now you know for next time, Doc. B.

And for the record, unless you're SM in disguise, then there's no way to say for 100% certainty what is and is not 'true'. Sole ownership belongs to the author, not her readers b/c they've interpreted something in their own way.
Thanks, Heather, I know exactly what you mean about 'tone' so I'm glad it was just a simple misunderstanding. No hard feelings here either. :)
Your still not convincing me so take your BS somewhere else we don't want it here obviously!


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