The Twilight Saga

I can make Siggie pictures.
Well i asked FC (Forevercullen) what she thought about this idea.
I can make you all you're own siggie pictures.
All i need it which person from Twilight you like.
Plus a favourite Quote. It can be anything you like.
All i ask is that you give me a few days to do them. I only come online for a few hours a night.
So its first come first serve.
This is a siggy i made for a friend

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Lol, your welcome Mary
Great job Starry! If you can, I would love one with the clean shaven Edward. Maybe one with him smiling, I love Robs smile! My favorite quote is "What if I am not the hero...What if I am the bad guy" Thanks!

I totally love it Starry! Thanks so much!
these are absolutely amazing StarryNight!!! wonderful work really!!
Thank you Laura :)
When you get the chance i would love one with Jacob and the quote "Who's afriad of the big Bad wolf?"

i FREAKING LOVE it!!!thank you so much
Yes please my favourite quote is "you do'nt know how long I have waited for you" of cause Edward is my favourite


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