The Twilight Saga

This disscussion is about Why we love this story? What emotions it brought us?

We all know that the Twilight Saga shows many aspects of love, there is First Love, Love as a Friend, Love of Family, and True Love.

I Believe that Bella experiences all of these aspects through out the book.


1. So I just wanted to see what emotions the saga had brought for you?

2. What was it that sucked you in?

3. Can you relate more to one character? Who? Why?


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the emotion that sucked me in was the first book Twilight.  Bella is unsure and is starting to discover that she is in love with a vampire.  other one is New Moon because I felt her depression when Edward left.  Eclipse I felt joy and fear because Edward is back but so is Victoria.  Eclipse I felt true love because Bella and Edward are together forever.... their love shines.


I relate to Bella because I am clumsy and unsure of myself.  (even though I am 30 LOL)..... my relationship with my dad is like hers... and not only that but i moved in with my dad when I was 16. 


I felt every emotion Bella felt in all the books.  happiness, love, depression, fear etc... :)

The character of Bella is so real. Just like her, some of us are clumsy, awkward, shy. Alot of us think like her. I always loved the part in Breaking Dawn book when she said she had never really excelled at anything and they don't give trophies for reading books. I also liked the end of Eclipse movie where she says she literally stumbled through her life and how she isn't normal and doesn't want to be. She has honest feelings we all can share to some degree. Also, if she can be like that and find true love, there's hope for better things in store for the rest of us, too.

It's easy to relate to Bella because she's so absolutely ordinary. So many characters are these beautiful, totally "with it", fashionable, extremely educated, great at everything they do type of girls. And that character is just so over-done. It's nice, for once, to read a story about a girl that you can totally put your face in her role, because you, too, are just plain and ordinary, with no outstanding qualities. My whole life, I've been a book worm. Even as a kid, I'd rather stay inside all summer, with my nose in a book, than being outside playing with the other kids. I've always been so pale, people have called me Casper, lol.

Bella goes through normal emotions, that we all have gone through at one time or another. The "I just want to be friends, but he wants more and I don't want to hurt him" scenario really resonates with me. The perfect love that Edward has for Bella, and his desire to keep her safe above all else, always looking out for HER best interests....the tender ways in which he touches her, kisses her, loves something I think most women, in general, long for. Sure I'm married, but I so wish I could find someone to love me like Edward loves Bella, because my husband isn't anywhere close to loving me in that way. And it's nice to ready a vampire story where not all the vampires are monsters!


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