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what scenes from the book do you think they will have problem filming, due to technical issues, or just storyline continuity (because they left out so much in Twilight)?

what will you be upset about if they leave it out?

just wondering, as i am rereading New Moon, and wondering what may be "cut"

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I think all the time bela spends with jacob it lasts forever the motorcycle scenes i think will be tricky i know they get stuntsmans to do those scenes but they stil may have problems because of weather it is always raining and will be muddy.ok the parts i worry about are when he leaves her and before that at the birthday party it has to be like the book. when Alice shows up at the house and the journey begins to volterra im more nervous about italy than any other scene, when he is standing by the clock tower and she finds him they cannot change that at all that will ruin the movie and the volturi after when he holds her in his lap and comforts her i love that part.i mean they get to be reunited after seven months i want to see them make that connection again also the first night back in her room when he is explaining why he left and what she means to him leave all that out and don't even bother making the movie then as far as im concerned. at last when she goes to his house and asks them to vote on her being a vampire.gosh now im getting nervous because they skipped so much out of the twilight movie.Lets just hope for the best!!!
I think they may leave out the back story of the werewolves...the bonfire scene where they talk about legends of the cold ones and the first werewolves. I wouldn't be upset if they left that out...but NM is my least fave book of the series :) Not enough Edward...
I realized that after I left my home. *blushing* I'm such a dork!!!!! :) I agree with you Suzanne
I agree that those are the important scenes.

In New Moon the relationship that Bella and Jacob cultivate is crucial for the rest of the series. I hope they are able to protray that and the utter heartache that Bella feels when Edward leaves.

I saw an interview with Rob Pattinson and he said this is his fav book of the 4 and that he's most looking forward to the break up scene! I have to admit it is my favorite book besides Twilight as well. The dispare just grips me all the way through.
I don't think there is any technical issue to this, but this was a problem in the first film too. They need to focus on the emotions of this book. First they need to dive more into how totally and desperately Bella and Edward love each other before the break up scene because it will just look like another teen break up if they don't. Also for the break up scene; imagine Bella on the forest floor and the song by James Blunt comes on "Goodbye Lover" I often think of New Moon when I listen to "Goodbye Lover." Listen to it on my page. Especially the part where he sings I'm so hollow...I'm so hollow.

Second, after the breakup scene they need to show how desperate Bella was in the woods, how she could barely move because of her shock. How zombie like she was when he left her, and then the realization that she wasn't really "living" anymore.

Third, the bedroom scene after he comes back is too important to gloss over. It could be another "You had me at hello" from Jerry McGuire if they do it right. They've got to get Edward (Rob) to be sooo humble and dumbfounded that Bella "let" him go so easily and to show how Bella so desperately loves him.

For me it's all about the show of emotions. I think they will do well with the special effects of the werewolves. I don't want this movie to totally miss what we all love about the books. The connection between Bella and Edward.
I agree rosalie it is ALL about the emotions,and i think kristen stewart has her work cut outfor her rob getsso involved as edward i mean he really gets into the emotions and character of edward kristen im sorry but i don't think she can!!!! we will see but as rosalie said emotions.and bella falls completely to peices and zombie like i don't know but kristen stewart is too robotic hope she can get into bellas head or new moon is going to be a disaster.
I wonder how they are going to get around the fact that Edward is absent for (what seems) quite alot of the book. I think Bella's relationship with Jacob is an important part of the book though.
I agree joanne the relationship between bella and jacob is crutial. Even though we will miss edward sigh!!! they are also saying that they will put edward in more scenes that was one of robs requests he wants to be in more scenes, i think he will probably be there when bella hears his voice in her head and when he talks to jake on the phone when charlie is at harrys funeral i guess we will find out soon!!!
I hope they really do show Bella's anquish and highlight the fact that the lifeless daze she's walking around in is a result of the depression of him leaving her. Bella's character (and KS for that matter) are fairly flat personality wise so if they don't carefully illustrate how her sullen behavior is because she's emotionally shut down....then I think much of the gist of the book will be lost.

I think they're going to have to make up some 'Cullen Time' to show some kind of parallel to Edward's life during the time he is away from Forks. I think that on screen we'll need to see how miserable they are apart from both sides to really get it. The beginning scenes with Bella and Edward need to be extra tender to emphasize their love. The party scene at the house needs to first show how part of the family Bella is....and then when it goes wrong how frightened for Bella's safety they all are. The break up scene has got to be gut wrenching. We have to see Bella dying inside so that we can understand what an absolute life saver Jacob is to her. I'd like to see the before mentioned stuff take up no more than half the movie which may be tricky. Then I'd like to see the second half do a dazzling job of Bella's jump, Alice's return and the Italy scenes, the return and the vote. It is a lot to convey in film.
Wow!!!! i already made acomment earlier but reading all of these is making me nervous everything everyone has said is spot on. i did like the golden compass and chris directed that and he did say he want's to please his fans right? and i thought it was like the book, i am so trying to be optimistic here ha! ha! but new moon is so different from twilight it cannot have corny comments like monkey man and spider monkey i mean really!!! and i agree they should show what is like for edward too the pain on both sides. i mean they have to show bella in real pain like charlie said like someone had died that will be hard on kristen stewart all i can say is good luck!!! hope she can play that part well.
Love yor comment suzanne you are right she does do that part well so and yes we have the same sreenwriter how unfortunate can't wait to see what things she will add to the movie money man spider monkey ugh!!!!! suzanne check out the other dicussion!!!!
I think it would be great to see Edward's perspective when he left, but I'm not sure if it will take away the story line between Jacob and Bella. Going from what Edward is feeling to Bella. What do you all think?


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