The Twilight Saga

what scenes from the book do you think they will have problem filming, due to technical issues, or just storyline continuity (because they left out so much in Twilight)?

what will you be upset about if they leave it out?

just wondering, as i am rereading New Moon, and wondering what may be "cut"

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Don't get me started on this one! I still have a hard time understanding that he could leave her. Yes, it's a true act of selflessness.

Why doens't Carlisle create more vamps for us all to love? Can I special order one. Carlisle, please make me a vamp just like Edward, but a little older looking, but with all of Edward's good qualities. Selflessness, Desire, Loving, Caring, Sweet, a gentleman, and of course immortal.....oh and of course sweet smelling and a hunk. Got that Carlisle?
I woried about if they are going to sick with the book for the seven month that they are broken up or if they will flash to edward because that would suck and i hope that the dont leave out when her mike and jake(stupied warewolf) go to the moive
Though all of you said things that I agree with, Rosalie makes the best point.
I am interested to see how they show Jacob's transformation (excellent job so far!), but they may speed through the parts that I want to see.
The birthday party (I want to see Jasper lunge at her), her talk with Carlisle (horror-what if they show it in flashbacks-like she wakes up at her house after it is all over. Forbid it...) I want to really be able to feel Bella's heartbreak....
I want the whole book, but won't be too upset if they do not spend a lot of time in La Push.
I want all of the time in Volterra.
I want the movie to be fantastic, because the twilight movie leaves so much to be desired. I totally get it that Summit did not have too much with regards to funds. The twilight movie was like, a body unto itself . It had the essence of SM's book, but showed more of "other".
Just remembered! In SM's outtakes and extras for NM on her site, she includes passages that give an insight to how Edward was existing (hibernating in crawlspaces)-the conversation that Edward had with Rosalie.... that would definitely be interesting to watch.....
It's weird, but I am trying to stay away from the updated movie set pictures because I just want to see the finished product.
Can't wait/waiting patiently.......


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