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So I am wondering how some of us are really going to handle being in the theater for New Moon.

There are going to be giggly little girls who are going to drive us crazy? Should we have a different theater for them?

How about Team Jacob and Team Edward theaters? Both sides will be very emotional during the film and a fight make break out if a ill word is spoken.

Thoughts :-) LOL

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I so agree....I don't know how I am not going to cry and hyperventilate when Edward leaves (feeling emotion now......)
I would buy that. They would be all over my house.
I will probably wait until it isn't so crowded...people in large quanties annoy me. Also, here is my really wierd situation: The site of blood gives me panic attacks. I honestly don't watch much television so it never dawned on me that bloody things on the big screen would bother me. So when I was in the theatre watching Twilight I was so suprised to find I had to get up and pace in the aisle a bit durning the ending fight scene. I feel like such a big idiot. So anyway....I'm nervous for the bday scene in New Moon anyway, but I am determined to see it in the theatre!
I will so be there opening weekend...maybe more than once!
I saw Twilight the night it opened and, yes, there were squeals galore but we sat through it. My daughters have already insisted that we go see it opening night so, I will be there. Truth be told, I'm really anxious to see the movie so you'd basically have to move a mountain in order to prevent me from seeing it opening night. Next month, I'm going to a Jonas Bros. concert with my daughters. Talk about SQUEALS!!!! If I'm able to make it through that, I can make it through anything!
I hope you still have eardrums after that
I went to Jonas Bros. and I agree. If I can make it through that concert then I think I can make it through anything!
I'm going with a friend, and we both feel the same way about Edward and all things Twilight!...I will be a blubbering mess when he leaves but I won't be embarrassed because I won't be alone....I just can't wait!
I will be a blubbering mess with you..
I just told my husband that if I thought I could stay awake, I'd go to the midnight showing, but I think the squealing will be pretty bad then. I'm HOPING they have a showing at, like, 9am on November 20. I just saw the new Harry Potter at that time. If I have my days straight, it's the weekend before Thanksgiving so the younger crowd should be in school. "Should be" being the operative words, of course. I'd bet my life that schools will be missing a good bit of their female population that day. My husband keeps telling me to wait because I'm crazy to go opening night or weekend, but I don't think I'll have the restraint to wait.
Oh I teach in those schools and I might as well have an "activity" planned in my classes because of all the missing girls that day
I don't care who I am in the theater with due to the fact that I have a real big mouth. Plus I am going to be there at midnight with 5 of my friends No worries!!


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