The Twilight Saga

Just in case there are those who can't watch the show-- here's the trailer they just showed on the MTV Movie Awards.

All I gotta say is yowza!!! :0

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OMG!!!! Yes, yes, yes.....magnificent!!!! Beautiful Wolf transformation...OMG!!=)
Wow! Can't wait...smiling...
Chris Weitz is a genious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it and I can't wait for NOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVED IT!!!!!!! I keep watching it over and over and over.........
Why do I have the feeling that Rob is in love with her?? Is it just me or really good acting????
My favorite picture of the night (other than Kristen dropping the popcorn-ROFL).

When his lips were are her forehead and their eyes are closed....swoon... their chemistry just seems flaming hot!! Then I see her arms tight around her chest and you can tell how nervous she is... poor Kristen!

Did anyone else see the ET interview where she said she told Rob she was NOT kissing him out there. It's pretty funny at how emphatic she was. I wished he'd said what his ideas were... ;0
I forgot to comment, but I was floored when I saw this-- PERFECTION!!! I'm really glad they announced it before they showed it so I could stop the DVR and start it up when the clip starts. Now I just have to make sure my husband doesn't delete it 'til Nov. ;) Gotta say, I'm soooo impressed with CW and what he's done (that we've seen). I REALLY hope they'll have him come back for BD!!!

Oh-- and I saw this mentioned-- but when Jake turns, it's not to save Bella from Laurent. Bella's wearing 2 diff. jackets in the meadow and when she runs to Jake (gray and brown). I'm guessing maybe it's when Paul goes after her and Jake transforms midair to save her??
Oh Thank God you pointed that out about the coats I don't own a DVR so I had only seen it once last night of coarse until I watched it again today and I was really upset thinking that they had totally botched the movie because it looked as though Laurent had met up with Bella in the woods near Jacobs house hence Jacob being able to get to Bella so quickly so I was practily screaming at the TV and that combined with the news that Edward isn't going to propose I was flipping a gasket to say the least!
Now that's talent...It pays to be limber!
OMG my daughter and I were yelling at the tv, screeming that's not who saves her in the book!!!!!!! lol
You're right, topaz...they are two different scenes...she is wearing a different shirt/jacket combination in each's the pics: the first one is bella in the meadow during the confrontation with laurent, and the second is bella running when she says "jake, run!"...notice in the first, you see the flannel she's wearing, and her jacket is light in color. In the second, she's wearing a lower cut shirt with no flannel and a darker colored jacket.
Hi LuvTopazEyes!!! haven't been on here in awhile hope everyone is ok... anyway yes the trailer was AMAZING!! i just walked in the door like two minutes before it started after getting back from London last night and as jet lagged as i was there was NO way i was missing it Rob looked hot as usual and poor Kristen i felt so sorry for her when she dropped her award that was such a Bella moment right there lol,she was so cute and the trailer omg i really got a second wind watching that the wolf transformation was amazing and they al looked so nice with the new makeup and hairstyles except Jasper what on earth is up with his hair it looks like my great auntys hair do lol,but the b-day scene was so awesome too, nov cannot come fast enough.... YAY I LOVE IT!!!!!:)


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