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There is so much news coming out (speculative or true). I figured it would be great to have one place to add what we find out as the making of these movies progress. If you find out any movie news or rumors please add it on!

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This is what I have seen so far:

From Twilight Lex : Robert Pattinson will not be playing on the New Moon Soundtrack, and “Now, sources tell OK! that the group (Paramore)is penning New Moon’s title track.”

Brandon Michael Vayda will play Jared the werewolf.

They are confirming that Anna Lynn McCord is actually cast as Heidi.
I also heard about Pattinson not doing a song; the reasoning I heard didn't make much sense, but who knows, I am looking forward to a new Paramore song written specifically for NM.
Yeah pretty much. That he didn't want people to think that he was "cashing in" on Twilight. But, I am asking why not? If the music fits the movie and adds to it then why can't he pursue both his loves? Does one have to exclude the other?
Also, I don't know how they could have made him record the original songs for Twilight if he didn't want to, that's why I was confused about the second part of the rumor.
Because he is not doing "His Music" for any other reason than the joy it brings to himself. Its a passion for him and when you all of a sudden you get paid to "Perfrom" then that passion fads. You are performing for a paycheck amd not playing to express your love for the art. I am sure he was glad to perform for the soundtrack but he did not have any idea that this was going to be as big as it has grown to be. He wants to be an actor and so far he has enjoyied it and wanted to continune in smaller roles until he felt he could better his craft and then go into something bigger in the way of roles. He had no idea that Twilight was going to be this crushing fan base of people what so much of him. He can't put his mind around it and it even scares him a bit. He was not ready for all of this. Acting is his choosen profession and music is his passion and soul. He has always said that "If this acting thing doesn't work out I always have music." He agreed to do Twilight because he needed to start doing something and because he was running out of money and if he really wanted to persue acting serious than he had to start looking for some work to do. I hope "We" as fans dont force him to retreat into something else to get out of the limelight. I have a theroy as to his haircut....He did it because SO much was being said about something he never even gave a thought about.."Why would somebody care about my hair?" "It is just like everbody elses hair, whats the big deal" Could you imagine...? It could have gotten him fired and he has said several things....His thoughts on the books and the movie that some thought were not very favorable and he had to attend a session (disscussion) about how to answer questions in the right way. He speaks as he feels and changing that is not how he is. This, (the next year or two) will make or break it for him. I hope he comes out on the other side better for the experience and happy in his choices..
What I heard is that when he does do an album, he wants to have complete creative control, so he doesn't want to work with a major label. He says that if he does do an album, he would like to distribute it himself, and do an independent project. I think it's kind of cool that he wants to make it without a Twilight connection because it means so much to him.
Entertainment Tonight was suppose to be showing some Art Work from New Moon.. I just got home..anyone on the EST see it?
There is a logo and video online at

It's from ET tonight. Haven't watched it, but I'm getting ready to.
Nevermind. 19 seconds?????? Come on!
This isn't exactly New Moon news, but

Is it unhealthy to be attracted to someone almost half my age???? Just when I think I can lay off the saga for a few days...
No it's not unhealthy *giggles* he just adds som spice to your life! Nice pic you posted <3
Technically, the character that we all know and love, is really like 108 years old :-)
I get all my info from this site.


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