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There is so much news coming out (speculative or true). I figured it would be great to have one place to add what we find out as the making of these movies progress. If you find out any movie news or rumors please add it on!

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I saw that there was suppose to be some NM announcements tonight and was all psyched for a cast list or something! They did release a teaser logo but that was all I saw. Here is the official announcement.
What do y'all think about the title change? I am not sure how I feel. Do we really need to be told it is the next book in the series? I think most people already know that. Hmmmmmmmm...
Hopefully we will see more information in the next few weeks as filming gets closer. I like to check the IMDB, site but you have to take what you see there with a grain of salt and verify it somewhere else.
Yes, Saw the logo..I like it.. just want more!
I got this off of MySpace today.

Amazing how one picture can make all of our hearts race! posted a new NEW MOON MOVIE (NEW LOGO) countdown widget!
This is more like ECLIPSE NEWS but, From Twi Lex:
Chris Weitz will not direct the third film in the Twilight series, Eclipse, a source close to the production tells exclusively. Because New Moon, which Weitz is helming, and Eclipse are due to be released so close together, Weitz will be in post-production on New Moon at the same time that Eclipse will be shooting. That said, the source confirms a report that the movies will not be shot simultaneously or back-to-back; there will be a brief gap between the production of both films.

Nikki Finke from Deadline Hollywood has been told by Summit that Eclipse will come out on June 30, 2010.

I know it! Hopefully he will still have as much interest in keeping with the book, and putting 100% into making New Moon..all the while knowing that he won't be doing Eclipse... I guess he will be so busy in POST production....I feel kind of bad for the actors..all these different directors.

You can also go on Entertainment Weekly's website.
Who knows-- if they decide to do Breaking Dawn, he might be back at the helm.
I agree. What is the rush to get Eclipse out so fast? Probably money. I hope the movies do not suffer. But I will go watch them no matter what.
I agree with you. I don't think they can wait too long because of the ages of the actors. I still want it to be quality work and have it as close to the book is important.
well new moon was not one of my favorite books so what ever they do i just want them to do it right so the movies gets lots of money and they can make eclipse but i really hope this movies turns out good.. i know a lot of us will be crying our eyes out whith this movie
Do you know if Dakota Fanning is playing Jane?
Yes she is suppose to be playing Jane i think she will do a good job and to the other question about is it unhealthy to be attracted to someone your own age gosh i hope not otherwise we all have problems don't we????


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