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There is so much news coming out (speculative or true). I figured it would be great to have one place to add what we find out as the making of these movies progress. If you find out any movie news or rumors please add it on!

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There is a Special Edition Breaking Dawn book coming out on July 14, 2009!

This special edition of the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer’s saga includes a full color poster and other exclusives.
Did anyone else here the rumors that New Moon is going to be release in France on November 18th, two days before the rest of the world? If it is true that is odd to me. (Nothing against France, I just would think that an American Movie would get its first releases in English speaking countries). Just looking for clarification or debunking, either works for me.
As of yesterday I saw something about this and yes France gets it first...2 wholes days before we do. Also read today that KS is expecting to be filming Breaking Dawn. Also, I can't wait but they are off to Canada to start filming. I know as of the other day E! claimed Rob was headed there.I also know that Solomon who played Sam in the first movie was not asked back as Sam in this movie. I have no idea about Carlisle and Esme but the rest of the Cullens are on board and Billy Burke is coming back as Charlie.
Carlisle and esme are back!!! and they are doing breaking dawn well that is great news. wow that that will be so strange getting married having a baby becoming a vampire i can't wait to see how it will turn is so different when you read the book but to actually see breaking dawn on the big screen is going to be really interesting especially the honeymoon scene lol.hmmm now i am really excited.


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