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I need someone, anyone to tell me that I am not dumb enough to think that I will be able to see this trailer on you tube Friday. Please tell me I don't have to subject myself to Bandslam? (Nothing against those you want to see Bandslam) I am fully aware of the tech world we live in and I have to believe that this will make it to you tube. I ask this question only b/c The Twilight Examiner says the trailer will only be shown in theaters.

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THANKS,THANKS for that was awesome ,damm i don't want to see bandslam ,(yikes)maybe i just pay to see the trailer and then exit the theatre.November plz come sooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's a quick fourteen second sneaky peak, for you, of part of the new trailer.......I agree. I don't particularly want to see 'Bandlsam' either. There are certainly better things that I would rather watch at the movies!!!

Because I love my fellow Twilighters, enjoy the clip!

B x
You are so welcome .......If I find anymore in the next day or so, then I will also post that here too, so watch this space! B x
thanks for the info i will look on there on friday
It is a movie coming out this Friday. The New Moon Trailer is supposed to be shown before the movie comes on. I myself don't particularly want to see Bandslam. Hopefully, Summit Entertainment will release the trailer online Friday or a or so after that.
14 minutes!!! I NEED MORE!!!!!! LOL


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