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Okay, I know we all love Robbie, but Peter is very handsome and sooo wonderful. He signed autographs at Fort Lewis, WA for the DVD release of Twilight. He signed autographs and took pictures with EVERYONE there! He spent about 16 hours there and I am so proud of him. I know that the military and family members were very appreciative.

He is a good man and seems to be a good husband and father *swoon*. AND HE'S HOT!

What do you all think?

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I so agree rosalie when he walked in to the hospital i was like whoa!!! and i said it out loud in the theatre how embarassing... but it was full of women including my daughter and they all yelled you can say that again it was so funny and yes what a great husband and dad have you seen the two of them doing interviews they are really funny together,by the way im a very quiet person but twilight has so many hot guys i got carried away LOL.
I do agree... I saw him and his wife, Jennie Garth, on Chelsea Lately. They were very endearing... and cute... talking about how they manage being married with three kids. The romance is still there, you could tell.

He seems like an all around good guy.
I saw them on chelsea also and the tissue was so funny it just came out from under her arm i was cracking up.
I laughed hysterically at the tissue... and then realized that it meant the Jennie does not wear deoderant. weird. but i still like her!
I just watched it and it is so funny. That tissue was just hanging out of her sleeve and I'm thinking what is that? Does she have a cold and tucked a tissue in her sleeve? No.....she doesn't like deoderant. Very weird indeed.

But Peter and Jennie looke so good together! That's very sweet. I wonder if she knows how many women wish they could take her place for an evening *pondering*.
Okay, okay now.....what? Is it on the internet somewhere? Don't hold out Heather! Send it to me too!
two words: me. yow!

and hey, Jennie ain't so bad herself... I bet their kids are gorgeous!
Oh...this is such a good picture of him and his family! It makes me a little disgusted with myself for looking at his naked butt......OK I'm over it.

It would be a great Crocs ad.

They are all beautiful. Peter and Jennie should be so proud!

Great pic AmyV, thanks for sharing!
"Oh! Oh my! Somehow I just stumpled upon a naked pic of Peter! I'm not sure what happened! I was just surfin the net and......what? honest honey I wasn't looking for it!"
(the conversation with my husband after being caught staring at Peter's ass)
Yikes, busted! "I just don't know how that got there!"
Ha ha! Darn pop ups! They can be sooo annoying LOL!
I love to see him since "Can't hardly wait" movie. He is one of my favorite actors. (I used to watch "Fastlane" because of him) and of course I will like to be one of his fosters kids. (That is just sick :p)


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