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Okay, I know we all love Robbie, but Peter is very handsome and sooo wonderful. He signed autographs at Fort Lewis, WA for the DVD release of Twilight. He signed autographs and took pictures with EVERYONE there! He spent about 16 hours there and I am so proud of him. I know that the military and family members were very appreciative.

He is a good man and seems to be a good husband and father *swoon*. AND HE'S HOT!

What do you all think?

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thanks for the eye candy... good way to start the day!
You have just made my day!!!!! He is too sexy for words in this pic! The look he gives is like...."you want me" Yes...............yes I do.
Ah, now we're talking ladies! we could seriously have him and not be made fun of about robbing the cradle...
Ok Im sorry.. I have to disagree he's not handsome... He is SMOKIN HAWT!!!!!!!.....sorry...lmoa.
I think Dr. Carlie is freaking hott in the movie, If he was a real doctor I would fake being sick everyday just soo I can eye him all the time.
We have a doc like that where we work. It will be heaven when i fall down the steps and he is on duty to take care of me..... he it total eye candy and the nicest guy ever (i'm told, i only drool when i see him!)
I like Facinelli a little too much for my own good. He reminds me of my husband a little. Thanks for the pictures.
I whole-heartedly agree!!!
Oh that bottom picture is my favorite! White HOT
I like that top one... I wanna climb in there with him.
ohhh Twi! Now that is closer to how i picture Edward when i am reading the books. That is a perfect face! so chiseled with sweet eyes...


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