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Okay, I know we all love Robbie, but Peter is very handsome and sooo wonderful. He signed autographs at Fort Lewis, WA for the DVD release of Twilight. He signed autographs and took pictures with EVERYONE there! He spent about 16 hours there and I am so proud of him. I know that the military and family members were very appreciative.

He is a good man and seems to be a good husband and father *swoon*. AND HE'S HOT!

What do you all think?

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Love the last one. He seems to be a good husband and good father. He is also absolutely gorgeous.
Well the only pic I know of Peter with nothing on only shows his butt, which I will admit is nice, but I'd like to see
butt? where is the picture Ang? are you holding out on us?
ooohhh, steph i could have run with this bottom one last night. Peter in his undies *licks lips*
People, this man is so handsome! I can't stand it. He has a darker look than Robbie, and he wears it soo well. You are all wonderful finding these pics. I'll try to go fishing later to find one no one has posted yet.

His bad boy look *drool*
i love that neclace! i seriously would buy the tiffany one if we weren't flat broke.


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