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It was just announced that Rob Pattinson will be a presenter at the Oscars. It hasn't been confirmed yet if Kristen will be there as of yet. Cool, I guess I will watch till I see him. Just thought I'd share :)

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Going completely off topic, Ladilee that picture you use is soo HOT !!!, and I just want to thank you for bringing it to my attention
Thanks for that I'll look straight away.
Thanks! You can find it just about everywhere, but I got this from photobucket. :)
I saw an article on Yahoo that Twilight would be a part of the Oscars. It said that Twilight was nominated but the show's producers know the hype around Twilight and want to use it to their advantage. Like any of us would miss seeing anything related to Twlight. I watch the Oscars anyway because I am a movie dork but this year will be all the more pleasant.
sorry I meant to say that even though it did not get nominated the producers wanted to cash in on the hype of Twilight.
I can't wait to see him! I will have to watch the E! Live on the Red Carpet too. I am sure they will snag him.
Has anyone heard what award he is presenting? I wonder how far into the Oscar's we'll have to watch before we get to see him. I never watch but I will this year!
i'm watcing, Hopefully we'll find out what he's presenting, because I don't think I can sit through the whole thing.
What?! That's just wrong...
that makes no sense .. if we see him on the red carpet it will just make us want watch the show to see him again .. that could be their way of teasing us :-)
I just read on one of the RP fan sites, that the Oscars are asking some A-list stars NOT TO WALK THE RED CARPET. they want to hopefully make people actually watch the Oscars to see their favorite stars. No word on if Rob or anyone else from Twilight will actually walk the Red carpet. This is really disappointing, but maybe we'll get lucky?
Oh. My.


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