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It was just announced that Rob Pattinson will be a presenter at the Oscars. It hasn't been confirmed yet if Kristen will be there as of yet. Cool, I guess I will watch till I see him. Just thought I'd share :)

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OMG!!!!! You have made my night ladileee thanks for sharing!!!!
That would probably be the only reason I would watch. Thanks for the heads-up.
Oscar ratings are going to see a huge spike. Hopefully seeing him will take away from the questions about his hair!
Oh, the things we do...I saw that Kristen may be joining him. No confirmation though.
Yee-haw! Sunday night, eh? I am soooo there. Think about the spike in electrical use that night with all of us turning on our tvs for a glimpse of Rob...yeah baby!
I can't wait to see him! I rarely watch the Oscars, but I will be glued to it this yr!
Oscar show ratings will be through the roof because of this! :)
Do we need to show up and bring the house down?? Quick get your sitters on speed dial...... If momma aint happy........ lol
this just totally cracked me up lol!
Holy crap!!! Finally - a real reason to watch the Oscars. I'll definately have to set my DVR so I can watch Rob's part over and over :-)
That will be the only reason to watch! :)
I know I won't be able to stop myself watching but I kind of like to think of Rob Pattinson as Edward and I don't want the illussion to be shattered by a mere mortal, does that make sense?


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