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I knew that I was having some weird déjà vu moment when I was online this morning.

Somehow I had already seen this image before. So I am putting this out there for you to think about as well. Apparently Kristen Stewart’s boyfriend is turning into a character straight out of the movie “Single White Female.” In an article by E-online it says that according to Michael Angarano he has no problem and is not threatened by Rob. As if! I know imitation is the ultimate form of flattery but I think he is taking this a step too far. Not only did he find a vintage pair of Raybans just like Rob, he also is copying the heartthrobs look. I am posting the comparison shot below so you can see for yourself!

Notice the haircut? Notice the stubble? Notice the leather jacket? How about the checker black and grey shirt? How about the skinny jeans? Or the t-shirt? I mean seriously, what is he going to do next? Try to copy his scent?

I think it is a little insecure to be seen dressing exactly like someone else, perhaps he is now becoming an obsessed Rob fan. What do you think?

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I think I can find about 2 pictures of my brother and 3 of my son and a lot of his friends with that same look. It's the walmart world we are living in. Less choices and men are NOT going to shop around to look unique...or at least not the ones that love the ladies!
I would like to get rob out of those sneaker he wears and often does even have laces. He walks the front of his feet so he need heel support...that way his rump with come up too.
I am wayyyyy over thinking this!
um its so ROB, Michael has every reason to be insecure look who he's up against the hottest guy ever my heart thROB.
Hmmmm I thought Kristen and him broke up?


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