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Ok - I'm not trying to be (overly) negative about the film but they're are some details in the film I find amusing. What little things have you noticed the second, third, fourth (you get my point) time around?

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In the Scene with Bella & her dad at the diner, Bella reaches for the ketchup and puts them on her frys but she really doesn't put any on them.
I know!! lol She just shakes the bottle like it is salt or something.
I thought I noticed that too but I thought it was just me not paying attention! Funny!
My son and I were watching it and we also noticed how during that whole scene she keeps on pushing down on the burger bun over and over again every shot almost....we were laughing the whole time!
Right! And that scene was weird because it was a close-up of them trying not to touch each other - I was like, I think we've already established that she's not super close with Charlie! Why did we need to waste film on that!?
I am new to the site, glad to know I am not alone in my obsession. First off, I did not like the movie very much, it just did not fit my own mental image. On a stand alone basis, the movie was good, It just was not what I pictured.

Ok,back to the subject at hand. There are sooooo many posts on these forums, I have not gotten a chance to read them all so excuse me if this has already been mentioned...

The "silliest" thing to me about the movie, is that they did NOT cast a Native as Jacob Black. There are MANY young talented and beautiful Native actors, and there is really no reason this part should have been given to a non Native. No offense to Tayler Lautner, he is a fine actor, it is just so 1970's to cast a white guy as an Indian. Imagine being an Afican American and having someone who was NOT BLACK represent your race just because he had darker skin. That would be completely unacceptible. This part would have been a break through, a chance to feature an AUTHENTIC Native in a big role in mainstream film, and they BLEW IT BIG TIME! And yes I know he "claims" Native decent. This does not count. Sorry folks, every third person in American claims they have Native decent. Unless you know where you come from, are familiar with your heritage, and have more than a TRACE of Native blood, you are NOT a Native. It does not count if your great great great great grandmother was 1/100 Indian. It does not make you Indian.

Ok, now that I got that off my chest, I am still Team Jacob, in my happy little book world, hence the icon. It is not Taylor Lautner's fault he is not Native lol
Taylor is of Odawa and Potawatomi decent. It might have been nice for a full blooded Native American to take the role, but I think Taylor was a great choice. each his own, right?
Yeah I def, think he's a good actor and perfect for if they could just make him grow 3 ft. so he is TALLER than Bella......................I'm still so curious to see how they pull that one off or if they just think that "bulking" him up will satisfy everyone.............we'll see
me too, he has to grow a lot before the end of new moon. Then again they have changed soo much, nothing would surprise me.
I don't think your being negative. I worried about seeing the movie because I wondered how much it would be different and there were definitely things I wasn't so sure about -

1. I openly laughed when Carlisle walked into the room - women fall over him because he's so beautiful?!?!
2. I thought they would at least make the characters dress like they were described in the book
3. I thought Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett looked like clowns, not hotties - which sucks because they are all very attractive off screen
4. I did not like Edward's red lips
5. I don't recall Bella sleeping in just her underwear - it was always sweats or something
6. Totally didn't get the field trip and the point
7. Wasn't sure why Edward was all spider monkey
8. I did have to laugh at the graduation caps in the big frame going up the stairs - didn't recall it from the book but it was funny.
9. I didn't remember the mace either, but again, it was a funny Charlie and that was a nice surprise from what I had pictured.
10. I didn't understand the diner scenes either - didn't they always eat at home with Bella cooking?
#5, Yes!! Where were the sweats??
#7, LMAO, so true.
#9, she did have pepper spray in the book (I'm 95% sure) wasn't she grasping it when the guys were surrounding her in Port Angeles? That whole movie scene was disappointing too. In the book, she thinks so quickly and is ready to defend herself, but in the movie she showed how scared she was.
When she is being herded by those four guys, she remembers that she left her pepperspray in her bag at home under her bed.


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