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Ok - I'm not trying to be (overly) negative about the film but they're are some details in the film I find amusing. What little things have you noticed the second, third, fourth (you get my point) time around?

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The blood typing scene is much more essential to the entire storyline. Her aversion to blood is an important aspect of the saga. I felt it was completely disregarded.
Yeah..Like make out session scenes. Sorry to be so juvenile. I just couldn't help myself.
I agree. The first time I saw it(on opening night) I did not get the tention that I caught on the next trip. Those two did an excellent job during that sene of bring a little of that HOT tention from the book!
One of my favorite scenes, if that's juvenile...let us all be! They did an awesome job on this scene.
I would have love to see more make out scenes myself...I loved read them in the book I always smile to myself.
you said it perfect. There are so many things they could have done like the book, but instead they took the time to add in something that was so off!
What really really bugs me is how they had Charlie put on TIRES on her truck instead of snow chains...also the whole scene where Bella almost gets hit was sooo messed up. She doesn't even hit her head! I could go on and on and on.
me 2 its so pointless
Yeah, me too, It seems odd that they would leave out the Blood typing stuff and put in a field trip to a greenhouse-I still do not get that. Oh well : )
Yeah the compost tea thing was weird...that stupid science teacher had more lines than Jasper!
I agree whole heartedly there. I love Jasper in the book!
Sigh. I, too, loved the blood typing scene, and the scene where Bella told Edward she knew what he was. In the car, not the forest. Also, poor Bella would have swooned and fallen to her demise if Edward had taken her up those trees.

I love movies being made from my favorite books, but unfortunately, what you lose in the translation are all the cute and sweet moments.

Also, what's up with these tiny wolves/ They are supposed to be huge!


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