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Ok - I'm not trying to be (overly) negative about the film but they're are some details in the film I find amusing. What little things have you noticed the second, third, fourth (you get my point) time around?

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There were alot of things I think that could have done more like the book and wouldnt have taken up much more time, but the two things that bother me more then anything, that no matter what they never should have changed was the Port Angeles part (including the dinner and the drive home) and the first time they go to the meadow, Seriously those are two of the biggerst part of the book and they completely screwed up by changing them. Instead they put in the akward scene at the police station and meshed together the part when she told him she knew what he was, he showed her how he reacts to the sun and the meadow scene. I was rather disapointed. Some times there are some thing in the books that mean alot to the storyline and no matter what you just dont mess with the details.
I hated the dozens of graduation caps framed on the wall. They should have kept is as the antique crucifix or better yet maybe a portrait of the Volturi..
Hi Suzanne, that was the first thing that i noticed and it made the whole movie seem to lack depth and made somes scenes meaningless.
You are right suzanne not once. all i heard is you are my life now.Well pfftt !! my daughter and i discussed that all the way home from seeing the movie it did not make any sense they said it so many times in the book. ugh i swear if i do not hear one freaking i love you in new moon then off to hollywood i go and i will TP all of their houses!!!!
Yeah I have started to realize that reading the books and watching the movie over and over are part of the 12 step program we may need, LOL! It may bring us to our senses a LITTLE. I have only seen the movie 2x's but I ordered it from amazon so I am sure I will get to that point, LOL!
I do not agree. But U have to keep in mind that the Movies seldom has anything but the "frame" in common.
Just look att the Harry Potter phenomenon for instance!
Lara after seeing twilight for the second time i laughed at that lab scene too and when he showed her how he sparkled i just could not help it he looked liked someone dumped a bucket of glitter over him.
Hi Erin, I found the whole skin reveal very anti-climactic. No sparkling like diamonds there at all. Definately not how it's described in the book.
Yeah, the sparkle was pretty embarassing, was It not, hehehe?
But Summit has promised a much nicer "sparkling" in "New Moon", so....
I really think "Twilight was a Low Budget Production, that not many believed in.
did you guys noticed that bella lubally was full qucatra and not just peano
Well, since they did´nt really HAVE any available vampire playing, they had to make it sound as good as they could, right?


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