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Ok - I'm not trying to be (overly) negative about the film but they're are some details in the film I find amusing. What little things have you noticed the second, third, fourth (you get my point) time around?

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How hard is it Hollywood to leave it as a Quilt???

To me, that helped to solidify her connection to Forks. Reminded me of the previous visits... and her relationship with young Jacob.
Bella didn't know Jacob, but his two sisters when she used to come to Forks for "a month every summer". It wasn't even a prop, why couldn't they have left that alone. They changed both her amount of time coming to Forks and her not knowing Jacob.
They really didn't stay all that true to the book. I too watch Twilight more than I can count, I just wish it was more true to the book. Lord of the Rings movies were three hours, I'd gladly sit in a theatre to watch Edward for three hours. Hopefully with a bigger budget I'll get my wish!!
I am all for a three hour movie!!! So long as it is more like the book.
I agree with that also.
How many times have you all seen the movie? I saw it 5 times, almost 6 but I felt like I should be a responsible parent that time (I had a den meeting to run). Is the move still in theaters? I was joking with a friend that when the DVD comes out I will have to quit work and all mother/wife responsibilities as I will be watching it continuously!

I am impressed with the detail everyone noticed. The only thing that bothered me after multiple viewings and I hate to be critical of Rob as he is so near and dear to my heart but during the fight scene at the ballet studio after he killed James he was standing so awkardly and his hands were flared out in an unsual patteren. It was a background shot (before he had to suck the venom out of Bella). It just bugged me. I hope I don't get kicked out of the group!
"I hope I don't get kicked out of the group!".. lol I just think it's funny how we all see such different things.. like that...I didn't even notice that..there's a couple of other things that are more technical that I know about now..(that I will NOT mention here), ..cause now I will look for it.. and I kinda wish I didn't know.... urgh.

Still I know that none of these things will stop us in the least from enjoying this movie. With all of it's quirks .. we JUST CAN"T HELP OURSELVES!! ahhhh LOL :)
I agree, though I am interested on your technical list. I have some of those too! But I can't help watch the movie!
As you, I like the movie. I went last night again to our dollar theatre. But after reading the book I thought the movie was so teen angst and shallow that I left a tid bit disappointed. I know the books and movie was made for YA's but I couldn't get past the painful expressions from the two love birds and I couldn't stand that details were changed even though they didn't need to be. Anyone else feel like it just touched the surface of Bella's and Edwards romance?
Yes! That's exactly how I feel - the books are soooo much more indepth and passionate about their relationship - but the movie just leaves you feeling like it's a serious teenage crush gone a little haywire... I think that this is because they have missed a lot of the intimate scenes which establish their relationship out of the movie. You have to read the book before seeing the movie so that you can add the little scenes, gestures, etc mentally - and then you can understand the intensity of it all....

However, if you haven't read the book before seeing the movie (and this is what I did) you don't 'get' half of what is going on... for example - one of the first scenes when Edward walks into the cafeteria and Bella's sees him for the first time - he's listening to Jessica tell Bella about him, you see him smurk with amusement, then you see him sit down and stare at Bella. If you didn't know (and the first time around I didn't know...) that Edward could hear people's thoughts and has heightened hearing then you simply don't understand....

Ugh! Annoying!
Absolutely. I didn't notice that either until my second go around with the movie.
That is so true. I read the book before I saw the movie and throughout the movie I felt I had so much more insight on what was happening in the scenes because of what I read.

I kinda wish I didnt read the book first just to see how I would have taken the movie first, probably would have made me love the book better for being so much more detailed ( Ha If that was even possible...I LOVE THAT BOOK!!! )
Ok but speaking of when Edward walked into the Cafateria, who else just sighed with how beautiful he was..I actually had chills. I have seen it 5 times now, and everytime, I see him come in My breath catches and I sigh and OMG.. I am just sooo


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