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Ok - I'm not trying to be (overly) negative about the film but they're are some details in the film I find amusing. What little things have you noticed the second, third, fourth (you get my point) time around?

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She mentioned just a hint of an accent in the book. I assume hundreds of years in the US made it disappear for the most part?
Did anyone notice Emmitt chewing what looked like food in the beginning when Bella first started watching them?
That's one of my favorite "oops" moments in the's just too funny. Catherine said Kellan was eating all the time so it was hard to not catch him eating...
Has anyone mentioned the scene at the meadow where he is trying to scare Bella off, when he is in the tree he leans down towards Bella as she steps forward, then the shot goes to a wide angle, the back to a close-up the distance that he leans is alot different than that of the wide angle shot.........Obviously not a very good continuity department with the first movie! (Is it just me, or did what I just write not make any sense? Let me know....) :0)
I get what your saying the shot was off when it came back....

Is it just me or when Edward saves her from the Van squishing her, it showed her the whole time pretty much and it never showed her hitting her head at all, or even saying OW, but later at the hosp. they keep accusing her of having hit her head... should have been visible...

Bella also seems more comfortable with Jacob the couple times they are together than she does with Edward through the whole movie... she seems more either scared or needy around him, but she seemed confident and sweet with Jake... anyway I'm babbling, maybe it's just me.... ;O)
i totally agree. I've wondered the same thing.
They totally ruined the movie, but I liked it anyway. Here are a few of the more glaring issues I have:

1) If Edward can read minds, why doesn't he know why Carlisle is at the Police Station when they pull up after Whalen has been found?

2) The whole scene in the forest where his secret is revealed is just lame. Why did they have to mess with the book there?

3) His sparkliness just looks sweaty.

4) Where did the humor go? The book is funny, the movie is just dark.

5) Bella needs to find another emotion. She always looks annoyed. Shouldn't she be happy at least once since she's just discovered the love of her life?
I agree about Bella's character - I don't see anything attractive about her. She's pretty, but so are a lot of girls. She's has a very flat affect. They needed someone with at least some charisma to make it believable that Edward would be so instantly smitten.
I think that was part of the draw to Bella though. That she was just an average girl...nothing special about her...she could have been anyone...
she did tend to look a little annoyed most of the time though I have to agree there. But maybe she was directed to act that way. Who knows
I agree with you Delana. I think in Midnight Sun Edward even describes her (from seeing her in other peoples thoughts) as just being average.
they also say beauty is in the eye of the beholder....and often in the story..Edward always tells Bella...."you dont see yourself clearly" he also told her"you arnt like other humans...they are predictable " and yes in Midnight Sun he sees things Bella has done like the "wink" at the resturaunte to Jess and Angela....the movie nor Twilight said anything about that....Actually I think their souls are linked...soul mates.....


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