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Ok - I'm not trying to be (overly) negative about the film but they're are some details in the film I find amusing. What little things have you noticed the second, third, fourth (you get my point) time around?

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In Breaking Dawn, Bella is referred to as "Stunning" by Alice. I believe they had to see a double life in the Casting Role of Bella. somebody that can be considered "mousey" and average, but yet on the flip side they can turn it around and be knock down gorgeous and just breathtaking. didn't anybody freeze frame through the part where she is sorting everything out in her head and they role that old movie clip of edward looking like an old vampire and really take a look at KS, There was no words to describe how stunning she was!! She looked like she belonged in one of those Old Silent Films of the day when women were still women and not Ho Ho's. That is ultimately the thing. Edward is Old Fashioned and from another "Time". KS has that timeless beauty of the earlier days (1910's). IMHO
Oh, I think she adorable! And a good actress! It's just she was more perky in the book.........ex. in the book she jumped into his arms all giddy after he stayed overnight the first time, the way KS portrayed her, she would have been way to "cool" to do something like that..........she just seemed "annoyed" most of the time with her actions and facial expressions. Don't get me wrong, I own the movie & have seen it 3 times and I love it, it's just something that could have been improved on is all.
I agree... I think KS is a beautiful girl...and she is an amazing actress...It would have been nice to get some of the humor from the book into the movie...when the cameras were away from them, like when they were in the tree when she visited his house...they seem very relaxed and she's smiling and it's very comfortable...but as soon as the cameras are on them again and there is actual dialogue, it's all tense and she does seem irritated or annoyed most of the time...they should have captured more of the comfortableness between the two of them...
I realize you made these comments over a month ago and I'm just slow and new to this site, but I totally agree with everything you have written here. Especially the scene where his secret is revealed. I was so looking forward to the scene in the meadow and to how beautiful his skin would look in the sunlight and it just tanked for me. He did look sweaty and unhappy and pissed. The movie is very dark with very little humor and I loved that so much about the books.
well i noticed that in one of the scene,the first day Bella was at school,in the cafeteria,Emmet was chewing food.check it out,i still love the movie though.
I loved the dramatic ending... BUT here's what I caught Yesterday after my 100th or so time watching the movie (so she says)..
Did Anybody notice James Busted Lip and the blood coming from it when Edward has him pinned to the mirrored wall right before his brothers take over? My daughter said that was from Bella.. I DONT THINK SO... I think it was such a Small short "OOPS" to where he busted his lip during filming they either didn't catch it, or did and just left it.....

What's up with Esme being all "cozied" out at the baseball game? Heavy Jacket and heavy Gloves? Again, daughter gently reminded me they have a "persona" to main tain.. I think she was cold and wore them lol.

Yup we noticed the chewing thing too... and Jasper seems to like his soda as well...
you're right, never thought about it.............Esme would not need to keep up her "persona" in the middle of the woods, where they are clearly letting their guard down already by hitting baseballs through the woods like thunder, ;) I am sure it was just a really cold day. Apparently it was REALLY cold the whole shoot and KS was really the only one who could get away with the big jackets etc. w/o us noticing, not fair really............
I think when you watch the movie with commentary Catherine says something about that baseball scene, how it was really cold and windy that day and that is why they had to put hats on all the girls too, to keep some of their wigs on.
did anyone else notice that in Biology class the first time he's nice to Bella there is a makeup line along his jaw where the pale skin doesn't blend....Still sexy but yeesh!
on the first day Bella goes to school, when she parks her truck--she leaves the window open! Now, considering she is new to town and it rains all the time.......
Okay tried to read if this is mentioned, but thread is 80 pgs long so gave up, has any one else noticed that when Edward and Emmett hit the ground after collading mid air during basball scene that Edward flips Emmett the bird. Had to go to slow motion to ensure what I thought I had seen, but that is what he does. I had to laugh. To great. Kellan must have done something to Rob and it was missed during edit:)
I noticed this as well--laughed my ass off!


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