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The Lexicon has posted the list of the new cast. What do you guys think???

[If you go to the Lexicon link, they've embedded links to all of these actors' imdb pages.]

The Volturi include:

■Charlie Bewley as Demetri,
■Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius,
■Daniel Cudmore as Felix,
■Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus,
■Dakota Fanning plays Jane
■Cameron Bright is Alec
■Noot Seer plays Heidi
■Michael Sheen plays Aro

The Quileutes Include:

■Graham Greene appears as Harry Clearwater
■Tinsel Korey is Emily

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I checked out the links and I think I'll be loving myself some Felix when the movie comes. Is he the one who gives Edward his cape when they get ready to leave Aro? I can't remember, but I hope it is and that he's shirtless underneath! ;0

Marcus looks SCARY and I think the kid they cast as Alec will look great with blonde hair. There's a picture of him on imdb that looks perfect for Breaking Dawn!

I'm really, really happy with who they've cast!!!
Looks to be a great cast. Can't wait to see them in action in November.
Heather, I know exactly what you mean. Those pictures of Daniel Cudmore (Felix)--WOW!! Looks like I'll be looking forward to the second half of the movie for more reasons than just seeing Rob & the Edward/Bella reunion... ;)
I'm ok with it. I need to see the way they might bring the characters to life. The only one that I'm very exiting about is Michael Sheen, 'cause he'll deliver.
I'm am totally loving Charlie as Demetri. Hopefully the montage i copied will post here and you all can see his hotness too ;-)

Here is one of him singly - looks like his website is still in process. only a single picture.
I think I would be afraid to see just how "BIG" he
I read somewhere that he's 6'7"!!!! My husband's 6'5" so Felix is one, BIG dude! I wonder if there's any way they can write a larger, shirtless role for him. We can hope, right?(sigh) ;)

IDK if you knew this or not, Twi-Smile, but Stephenie actually has Daniel Cudmore listed on her site as a potential Emmett. Good call! :)
that's interesting! SM was already thinking of him back then...
You know I thought of him as a good Emmett before I saw Kellan play the part! I remembered him from the X-Men movies! YUMMY!
IDK if anyone saw this on, but I'm going to try to add it here-- it's the entire cast with pictures. If you want to see the original, which you can zoom in on, go to

LIl old, but yea.. I like Billy Burke Better


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