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I read on this forum somewhere where a lady says.."we all secretly have two copies".. lol I have become strangely protective of my books!! When I first bought Breaking Dawn the back three pages had a slight defect on them..not anything unreadable, but I couldn't stand it, so I exchanged it! I wanted a complete hard cover set, but I have New Moon in paperback so I am going to buy a Hard Cover N.M.. lol

My sister hinted about borrowing my Twilight book (she has already read it)..and does this sound bad..but I cant part with it!! So, it's her birthday next week and I am going to buy her.. her own hard cover copies of the first two..

Oh, and I reserved three special edition copies of the Twilight DVD, one for me, one for my sister and one for my daughter. They can loan them out to whomever they want, but mine is mine. LOL

I guess that is why we feel so protective of the integrity of this saga when it becomes a film..I find myself defensive at times when discussing story lines and of course EDWARD!!

Anyone else feel this way?

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I ordered my Border special edition because I thought it sounded like the best because it has additional footage that the others will not then I heard the Canadian version has three discs in their special edition! I almost want to go an order another copy, from Canada!
OMG, I thought it was just me who feels this way!! To my knowledge, I'm the last of my friends to "find" Twilight, so I know they've got their own books. However, I was talking to my MIL about the books (she hasn't read them) and offered to let her borrow them, but while the words were coming out of my mouth, I was secretly hoping she'd say 'no' (she did). I even asked my husband if he wanted to read them, since he knows a couple of guys at work who've read them, but again, I hoped he'd say 'no' because he doesn't necessarily treat books as well as I do and I'd flip if it came back with a ripped page or something. At this point, he's not interested, which is good b/c I'd also hate to be reading through them again and have to wait for him to finish one before I could read it.

I'm getting the Blu Ray when it comes out, so that'll be the first time my husband actually sees anything about it. We'll see if he's interested in reading the books afterwards. If I were to place a bet, I'd say 'no', which I'm totally okay with! ;)
I am protective of my books too. My friends haven't read them yet, and want to borrow them. I actually choked on the words as I tried to tell her she could borrow mine! Thankfully she is a good friend and understands my OCD....I felt like a horrid friend! Hopefully someday I will be able to part with them, one at a time, of course. But I am a fast reader and I can read all 4 by the time she reads one....what if i finish first? Is it rude to wait on her doorstep until she is finished?? LOL!
My hubby thinks i am a crazy fool! But he bought them for me for Christmas, so he cant say too much. He just sighs and shakes his head at me...
Lindz - My hubby is exactly the same way. All 4 books were a Christmas gift from him. He knows how much I like to read and puts up with me reading the same books over and over. I've done this one other time with the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon - love her stuff. One time he did ask me why I read them over and over. He thinks it would be very boring to do something like that, but he doesn't get that these books touch me on a deep emotional level and the characters feel like friends and family. Nuts....I know....Thank God he loves me!

Mare - A while ago I learned my lesson the hard way about loaning out my most-cherished books to friends. One of them was never returned and I ended up going back to the book store to purchase another (and this was a GOOD friend!!!). I just loaned out my Twilight book to my sister but I made her sign her name in blood as guarantee to return it!! (just kidding - I know I can trust her). I know it sounds crazy - but I am VERY possessive of my Twilight books! I would rather purchase a book for someone than loan out mine.
You know it's funny. I was talking to my best friend about Twilight. I tiold she should read them and when she asked to borrow it I just looked at her. Really my head was screaming at her for even asking that. It was a few minutes befroe I could even reply (I asked her if I looked like a library lol) I have never had a response like that to anyone asking me about my books. I was caught off guard. I think I need to get myself another copy of the books now. At least I don;t feel weird about my protectiveness anymore.
I'm protective of all books, and I guess that's the librarian in me. LOL. I hate loaning out books, afraid I'll lose a part of my collection if they never come back.
LOL - both my daughters and I are fiercely protective. I have Eclipse in hardcover because I was too darn impatient to wait for my daughter's friend to finish it. I'm glad I did though and I plan to get the other three in hardcover as well.. Oh, and NO, I'm not loaning them out!! :) They're MINE I say...... ALL MINE!!! lol
This is why living outside of the US sucks.... I live in Australia - and there is NO hard copies available... or complete sets... you have to buy every book individually - and they are all soft covers...

maybe I should move to the US.... lol ;)
I totally do. No one is allowed to touch my books. I bought them for my son originally, but he didnt want to read them at the time so now they are all mine. No one can come near them. LOL
Cute and funny, in a sadistic way. I guess there is so much out there, we've yet to discover it all.
Oh yeah, funny that you would ask this question.. I mean I just realised that I wasn't as overly protective of my other collections as I was towards my Twilight Saga.. I remember traveling back from San Fran (I'm from Malaysia) and mind you, I was carrying all the 4 books and they are all in hardcovers!! Refusing for one bit to part from them that I dragged them everywhere i go even into the ladies!! The first thing I did when I got home was actually to wrap them nicely and put them in a 'special' shelf where all my other twilight stuff that I got from the states are placed.. *beaming proudly*
That is too funny. I bought Twilight and New Moon on paper back because that is all I could afford at the time. After I read them I ran out and end up buying Eclipse and Breaking Dawn hard cover. This is the first and only Saga I have gotten addicted to & still re reading the saga!! Go Me!! lol

I have lent my little sister all the books but I made sure she gave me the one she finished before I gave her the next one. If she didn't then my mom would only have one daughter....again.


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