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I read on this forum somewhere where a lady says.."we all secretly have two copies".. lol I have become strangely protective of my books!! When I first bought Breaking Dawn the back three pages had a slight defect on them..not anything unreadable, but I couldn't stand it, so I exchanged it! I wanted a complete hard cover set, but I have New Moon in paperback so I am going to buy a Hard Cover N.M.. lol

My sister hinted about borrowing my Twilight book (she has already read it)..and does this sound bad..but I cant part with it!! So, it's her birthday next week and I am going to buy her.. her own hard cover copies of the first two..

Oh, and I reserved three special edition copies of the Twilight DVD, one for me, one for my sister and one for my daughter. They can loan them out to whomever they want, but mine is mine. LOL

I guess that is why we feel so protective of the integrity of this saga when it becomes a film..I find myself defensive at times when discussing story lines and of course EDWARD!!

Anyone else feel this way?

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It's most likely part of the Twilight-itis we all commonly share!! I'm just thankful there is no vaccine.. :) But it does seem to be spreading... :) hmmmmm
Ha!! I thought it was just me!! I have duplicates of all the books and the special edition of Twilight, also!! I ordered 3 of the 2 disc DVDs, one for me, one for my mom and one for my BFF. Oh, then I also ordered the special edition from Borders, too!! Sick, right??
Totally! I never cared for my books as much as I care for my Twilight ones. I usually read a book, then toss it to the floor when I'm ready to sleep, dog ear the pages... you get the idea. But with the Twilight ones... I actually took the time to find a bookmark so I wouldn't crease anything. I would actually panic if I couldn't find something to mark my place! It got to the point where my daughter would have a bookmark ready for me when I started reading. She is so full of win, that girl. =)

My books stay on top of a high bookshelf. Safe and away from little fingers bearing safety scissors and crayola markers.
Yes! My daughter asked to borrow my copy of new moon after she finished reading Twilight and I almost freaked out. I couldnt stand the idea of my book coming back to me in less than perfect condition. when I finally I agreed to let her borrow it, I hovered around her like a helicopter making sure she wasn't bending pages or smudging it. I don't think I can bear to let anyone else ever borrow it again. I laughed when she said, "It was like reading with a gun pressed to your head, because I was so afraid I was going to bend a page". Guess I'm slightly protective.


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