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Ok I go onto 2 websites (besides here) daily to catch up on new info about New Moon and my favorite actors from the movies. I went onto this morning to find an article by The Normal Mormon Husbands and this one man who feels he has solved the reason why women (and some men) love Edward so much. Please go to the website and read the article!
Some people found it funny and others got pretty upset. I can see where THIS guy sees his own points but I want to know what you all think!

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Hmm good point HeatherLin! It's strange because I guess I've never thought about pinpointing the reason why we readers love Edward so much. And yet, some younger readers like Jacob more. I mean I agree to a point with him that it's got to be hard as a woman author to grasp what a man would really feel towards a woman. With Midnight Sun you hear the thoughts of Mike and some of the other boys in school and think how much pigs they are...but really would we want someone to be too perfect and not have those kind of thoughts? It's weird to me to think that way! LOL Thanks for the comment!
I liked the article. I've spent a good amount of time trying to figure out what it is, exactly, that draws me (us) in to the Saga in general and makes me love Edward so much. The flowery language that SM uses is perhaps some of it, but I think that just makes it easier to read. Perhaps Edward's language is perceived as feminine by this dude because he uses more of a turn of the century dialect that is unfamiliar to this grunting slim jim eating guy... Edward certainly acts like a man, has a violent temper that he struggles to control, feel jealousy and anger - all in ways that I don't think are feminine at all. Think of the scene when he saves Bella in Port Angeles... those are no female emotions, words or actions there! At least I don't think so. While I enjoyed the article, I think Edward's feminine side is basically limited to his language - if it even goes that far.
Edward was born in the early 1900's when men "woo-ed" a woman with charm, perfection and charisma. Not like today when it's some cheesey pick up line at a bar.

He fights for his woman as did a man during that time. He had the grace to not start a fight in PA. Most men these days wouldn't have given it a second thought and would open that can of whoop ass.

I think Morman is just jealous.
I love Edward because he has a brain and is not a hedonistic freak like most uneducated childish men are! This mormonhusband is probably in his thirties or forties and doesn't understand that Edward is a hell of a lot older than he is! And with age comes wisdom. Edward has been there and done that; has received countless degrees in medical science and is a musician.

Sorry, I don't buy that we love Edward because he talks like a woman.....unless women have a much older soul and are more articulate and wise.....okay maybe Edward does talk like a woman!

Don't you wish more men would be this wise?
You are right! Edward has almost 100 yrs and he doesn't sleep. Reading is one of his favorite activities.
Well The Normal Mormon Husbands is not that smart after all!
If you read the saga and the Midnight Sun draft, is obvious that Edward is "very in touch" with his feelings. His comparisons were very funny, but he just accept that men are pigs most of the time. That is not my opinion, because I know several men, that very manly, they have more interests than WWF or NFL crushin' beer cans thing.
When a man is into pleasing a woman than scratching his "jewels", is not only more attractive, but he also is very good in bed. And we all know that we all (girls) want to have fun!
Personally Edward is my favorite character, but I won't have him as a boyfriend. He's too over protective, and dominant, too moody and if The Normal Mormon Husbands is correct, then I don't want another "me". (and just describe my husband) lol
You know I think one of the comments left on the website's page had said something about think of the movie "What Women Want" and how Mel Gibson's character could hear what women were really thinking and it could be that same concept with Edward. Think aboutit, he's had a long time to hear the thoughts of numerous women and how they've dealt with the opposite sex. He kind of had some insight as to what is the right and wrong way to be with a woman. Yes he was a little possessive but he's lived a long time without love and didn't want to lose it. Bella was a fragile human that could die at any moment, he wanted to spend as much time protecting her as he could. But that's my opinion :)
LMAO!!! feel a little strongly here CW? But i have to agree with you. Throughout the entire series i love edward and wanna slap him at the same time. he's frustrating and at the same time we know why he does/thinks what he does and love him for it just the same!
i think that this section speaks volumes for bella as well. it shows how much confidence she has gained in their relationship. she is much more sure of edwards love for her and so isn't afraid to admit that she wants to spend time with her best friend even though she knows it upsets E. She knows that although he's upset he won't leave her over it, and she knows how she feels about J and that it has nothing on how she feels about E. Good for her! So many females her age would be afraid to spend time with another guy knowing that it could jeopardize their current relationship.

And, E comes around. He realizes his own jealousy is clouding his judgment on her safety and figures out that by letting her go with J he is giving her trust in their relationship too. I love it!
I agree! I find it unbelievable how trusting they become of each other. Edward's only problem with Bella spending time with Jacob is because of Jacob's feelings towards Bella. Even when Bella kisses Jacob, Edward forgives her and knows that her love for him is stronger than for Jacob. What a guy!
Of course, the author is only trying to make himself feel better because he is so unlike Edward! His language is purposely different--in fact Bella uses this as part of her theory that he is a vampire-she tells him his language is from a different time. He is also very well educated so this would influence his speech, Plus, he truly adores her. I don't find him possessive....he wants to protect her from himself and from others he know could very well hurt her. Since he can read minds, he doesn't have to guess the trouble she could be in he knows it.
speaking of edward and bella, i just love this picture so i thought i'd throw it in!


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