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I thought I should start a getting to know you thread since everyone seems to be posting about it on the wall anyways..Let me stand up an introduce myself.

Hi my name is Jessica I am 31 and single and I am Twilight addict. I have been heavily addicted for the last two years and finally accepted it last summer when I spoke to no one for 48 hrs while I read through Breaking Dawn. Well I just had to finish it!

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Hi my name is Mandi, I am 30 and just started reading the Twilight Saga for the first time in May. I've read through all of them twice and have started my third time except I have to study for a test I have to take for work. Both of my daughters are to young to ready but they watch the movie with me before my husband gets up on the weekends.
Hi my name is Sheryl and I'm 38. I've just read all four twilight books with a two month span. I'm totally addicted to Edward. I am as giggly as a school girl. I am anticipating New Moon and I have watched twilight so much I know most of the lines to the movie. It's my obsession and I love it. I am going to start re-reading the books again. I have even started writing a fan-ficiton story. But I'm not ready to share it yet.
Hi my name is Kristie Martin 31. I am addicted to Twilight my obsession started when my daughter wanted to read the books. She is dyslexic and I tend to read books before she does so I can troubleshoot them for her. I read all the books with in a week and a half (ish). I knew was hooked when Bree and I went to see Twilight at midnight in our team Edward shirts. I knew I was hooked bad when I requested Nov.20th off from work. We are going to see New Moon at midnight. Again. We have our New Moon T-shirts and we have decided that we wont wear them until we see the movie. I ordered two New Moon Comic-Con gift bag sets from Amazon. We have decided to wear the shirts from that when we see New Moon again the next day. I am a very proud Twilight fan.
Hello, my name is Katy. I'm 31 years old, married and a stay at home mom. I started reading the books in August. I'm finishing reading them for the third time now. I discovered that I was addicted when I would think about the books all the time. When I finished BD for the first time it was like something was missing from my life. I started searching the internet for anything. I found SM's site and that helped a lot, and then I found this group and now I feel a lot better knowing that I am not alone.
Hi, I'm Lorna, I'm 38 and I'm a Twi-hard. I live in Manchester, UK with hubby and 2 kids. It took me two short weeks to read the whole Saga, I even took Eclipse on my honeymoon (it was a 4 day wkend in Belgium during the 2 weeks I was ready the books) and instead of getting romantic with the hubby I was reading!! When I was reading the end of BD, I stayed up till 5am and was crying through the last 3 chapters. I love reading and I finished the books in Novemeber 2008, I was so heavily in Twilight world I couldn't pick up another book for 7 months.
Well, upon a quick scan, I believe myself to be in the large minority here. I am Tim, a 37 year old, married man. My wife is also a fan, but I would think it safe to say that I am more of one than she is. She read the books before me, and kept telling me to read Twilight, because she thought I would enjoy it. Admittedly, I had never even heard of it. This was the fall of 2008. I read it (after finishing the last of the Harry Potter books) and could not put them down. I have read the saga three times - the last two both since arriving in Afghanistan in July. I am about to mail them back to my wife, so she can have a second read-through.

I'm a big fan of the books, and accept the movie as the adaptation that it is. I have hopes that the movies will get better (more aligned with the books) and wish I could go and see New Moon this weekend with my wife. We saw Twilight at Disney World while on vacation in January of 09. We moved out to Washington State (because the Army said so - not because of Twilight) in May, and less than one week after making our "pilgrimage" to the movie sites in WA/OR, I left for Afghanistan, where I am now.

Nice to be here, and I'll be in from time to time. Hopefully to lend something useful to the conversations. (I can promise I will never profess to want to marry Robert Pattinson, or Taylor Lautner... Nor Kristen Stewart for that matter.)
hello name is Hayley...I too am thirty + (30 to be exact!)...and i too have a uncontrolable twilight addiction started on aug 23rd this year when i watched the fim for the first time. It had actually been sitting on our DVD pile for a while but didn't know much about it before i watched it so can't actually believe what i was missing out on! So since aug 23rd (which i describe as my very own saving bella from being squished by a car moment) my life has never been the same. it feels like i have reverted back to my teenage years because i am completely addicted. i have read the 4 books and midnight sun over and over and over. I keep buying any magazine that has a hint of twilight in it and have a little collection under my bed that my partner is not aware sure what he would say if he found them, he is already worried about my twilight addiction but that might make him send in the men with the white coats!!!! i nearly have a full collection of twi-trading cards...really wanted to complete the set before i started getting the new moon ones but they have stopped selling them now so might have to revert to ebay!!! My kids talk about edward as if he is part of the family and are often heard saying "my mummy loves twilight!" I am goin to see new moon tonight (i live in UK) and i am massively excited i just can't wait...and new moon isnt one of my favourite books in the saga so god only knows what i might be like when eclipse comes faves are twilight and eclipse and am currently team edward although wondering if might be nearer team switzerland after the film tonight!!!
oh and i have 3 kids who are 8, 6 and 4 and have a lovely partner who i have been with for 10 years!
Hi I'm Chantelle and am addictted to twilight. I'm 33 and have 3 children (7,9 &10)of my own and have Twin step sons who are 17 and just graduated from high school. I love with these books and every time i get to the end of Breaking Dawn and The Partial Drft of Midnight Sun i start getting really sad that the story is ending!!!!
Forgot my to take my book to work with me today and it was a disater....i had to go to the news agency and buy a mag with New moon on it just to get my lunch time fix.....My Husband has resigned himself to the fact that this isn't going away--- to the point he calls me his little Vampire girl (ohh if only that could be true)
Chantelle OTD
My name is Lucy. I am 33 yrs old and I am an addict. I am a single mother of a twelve yr old daughter who by the way has no interest in the saga. Only now witht the release of new moon is she in love with Jacob Black because taylor is georgeous. I have known about my addiction for the past year but have been obsessing in private until fairly recently. It feels good to finally come out with it. :-)
Hi, I'm Annie...42, married and have 3 lovely children. I began reading the books this summer after much insistence from co workers and my sisters. I've been hooked ever since "my own brand of heroin" so to speak. I have always been a sucker for stife ridden romance. I just saw the movie New Moon on the weekend with my sisters. We thoroughly enjoyed it. I read all 3 books in about 1 in 36 hours including sleep. Sadly I don't have much interest in reading anything else now....anyone have any suggestions?
Hi everybody, my name is Silvia and I am 34 - married mother of one son (6yrs). I am from small country in Europe and yes here we also share the obssession for "everything twilight". I am really happy to find out that I am not the only "older teenager" addicted to twilight... :-) I really thought there is something wrong with me ( maybe hormons, pregnancy or work exhaustion...), so only now I can see that there are more of us. :-) its really comforting.
I have read the saga almost two times (once in my native language, but I enjoyed the original better). I say almost, because now I am "saving" the last book to read for later. I simply dont want it to be over again!!! I have read hundreds of books before, but this has never happened to me. While reading the Twilight books I caught myself getting depressed as soon as I moved over the second half of the book- since there were less pages I was again postponing the reading ( portioning in small amounts) so that I can enjoy it longer.
And the movie?? Terrific! I am Twilight movie lover, I watch it every time I can ( I even improve my English language skills) :-).
Of course my husband thinks am crazy, so I try to keep my obssession secret - I pretend to read and watch something different!!! (Hey - pretending is the first sign of serious addiction?! Isnt it?) :-)
Hello my name is Inge, I am 37. I live in The Netherlands with my husband and son (he is 6). I am adiccted to the Twilight Saga. I've read through all of them four times! Eclipse and Breaking Down are my favorits. My husband still thinks that I am crazy because every day I talk about it lol. And when I'm not talking about it then I'm with my head in the books. I have seen New Moon twice and friday I will go see it for the third time with my friend. She has seen Twilght on dvd and is out of control now lol


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