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I thought I should start a getting to know you thread since everyone seems to be posting about it on the wall anyways..Let me stand up an introduce myself.

Hi my name is Jessica I am 31 and single and I am Twilight addict. I have been heavily addicted for the last two years and finally accepted it last summer when I spoke to no one for 48 hrs while I read through Breaking Dawn. Well I just had to finish it!

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Hello everyone! I go by T-comp on this website. I am 30+, wife and a mother of two boys (15 and 2). I am totally obessed with Twilight. I did not know that Twilight existed until it came out at the movies. I still did not think much of it because my 15 yr old went to the movies to watch it and the only thing he said was that it was about vampires. I am happy to say things changed in April of this year. My co-worker came in and said that she had watched it over the weekend 3 times and LOVED the movie. I asked her over and over again was it really that good and she said "YES". So the following weekend I had to watch it myself to see if it was really true. I was not disappointed. I have been hooked every since. I went out and rented New Moon and loved it as well. When I returned to work , I was told that the movies was based on books. Another co-worker allowed me to borrow her teenage daughter's books. That is when I became lost in the world of Twilight. I watch either Twilight or New Moon everyday. My 2 yr old watch it with me. He try and imitate the actors mannerism. I even dream about the Twilight Saga, especially Edward( as well as Robert Pattinson). Twilight has given me a new spark to life. I was never the one to surf the web and chat online, but now that is all I do. My family and a few of my co workers think I am crazy. I thought something was wrong with me also. Here I am, a grown woman addicted to what is suppose to be teen books. That is why I was happy that I came across this group. I do not feel alone anymore.
My name is Flora and I am 39 and a stay-at-home mom of 4. I have read the series 3 times since October when a friend finally talked me into picking up the first book. I have moments of obsession when I am entrenched, but I break the surface now and again. =) It is a great escape. I am lucky to have found my own Edward, although I tease him all the time that he confuses me because he is warm like a werewolf instead of cold! I am just glad to know that I am not the only over thirty fan out here. Sometimes I feel a little silly. =)
Hello, my name is Jasmin, I am a 32 years young, I am a wife and mother of 2 kids (girl 13, boy 3). I became an addicted fan of the Twilight Series in October of 2008... that Christmas I asked for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and finished them both in 3 days. My husband swears reading isn't good because I tune him out when I am reading... But I can't help it.... I love the series sooo much, I read them 3 times! I probably would have read them more but I have a full-time job, full-time school and the kids need attention too! It's nice to know I am not the only one over 30 that is obsessed... Thank you!
Hi my name is Laurie, I am 33 and not sure if I am ready to admit I have addiction, mostly cause I LOVE MY ADDICTION!! I have 5 children, it all started because my 15 yr old wanted the saga. Well for christmas I got 3 of them,for her. I started reading them and that was it for me!! I did nothing for the week but read!! And had to run out at 12:30 in the morning to buy Breaking Dawn!!
Welcome Laurie. Wow, 5 children, you must be so busy. It's great that you've found a little escapism (or a lot if you're anything like me) in the Twilight saga. Sometimes I've made myself take a break from the movies/books as I felt my thoughts were getting a little too obsessive and like you I've got 2 children demanding my attention at times.Anyway, hello to all the ladies who are willing to accept this addiction :-)


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