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I thought I should start a getting to know you thread since everyone seems to be posting about it on the wall anyways..Let me stand up an introduce myself.

Hi my name is Jessica I am 31 and single and I am Twilight addict. I have been heavily addicted for the last two years and finally accepted it last summer when I spoke to no one for 48 hrs while I read through Breaking Dawn. Well I just had to finish it!

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Well I'm Danica 29 and married, my husband knows I'm reading the books but has no clue how addicted I am. he he. It's my own little obsession. I am picking up the last 2 books on Thursday. I wish these books were the only thing for me to read but school work calls sometimes, *poo*, LOL.
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I'm Silesha, 29 next month, married stay at home mom of two. I realized my addiction this past summer when I started dreaming of the books (seriously) and could not wait to wake up to read more. I read New Moon in 4 days (kids, ya know) and found myself rationing out Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I still have not read that one. Why? Because I'm dreading the end of the series. I just wanna stay in it forever. I'm in the Norfolk area of Virginia and very proud to say my husband has served for 15 years in the US Navy.
Hi Silesha, I am 40 something and absolutely love the twilight saga. I have read all of the books several times over. I promise if you start reading Eclipse and Breaking Dawn you will enjoy those as much as the first two. I myself, was a proud navy wife(still am) for 20 years and my husband was stationed in Norfolk. It did make me sad that the book series ended but wow all the good stuff your missing!
My name is Dawn. I am 40, married with 2 children. I just finished Breaking Dawn last night. The series was a Christmas gift but I didn't start them til mid January. I stayed up til 1 am this morning just to finish BD. Awesome. I ordered my copy of the movie today. I can't wait til 3.21
Hello, I'm Eryn.. I'm not 30 but I am a married mother of 3 kids... and I'd much rather talk to adults then tweeny kids... so I'm hoping you'll except me on here. I just left a chat room and all they kept saying was how much they wanted to marry Robert Pattinson.. so I'm hoping for a little bit more mature conversation? I only started reading the series on Christmas Eve, but I read the entire 4 1/2 books within a week. And I still can't get enough. I've gone through them twice now, and Breaking Dawn is my favorite. I just joined this Twilight Saga website today.. so hopefully I can make some new buddies who feel the same addiction I do!
Hi, I am Amy...might as well say I am 30 (June), married and mother of two kids. I totally agree with the "adult conversation". I am basically new to the Twilight world looking as well for acceptance. All of my fellow co-workers have been talking about the saga for close to 6 months now. Honestly, reading is not something I normally enjoy, and I hate to say it but I have never picked up a book for enjoyment purposes. Finished the Saga in 8 days. I definitely need to join Twilight Addict Annymous. I am past hope. I have to give serious kudos to those who have been reading these for a while having to wait for the next book to be released. I finished Twilight at night around 9:30, and I was soo upset because I did not have New Moon readily at hand. The next morning I dropped my son off to prescool and headed straight for Barnes and Noble and bought the Saga. I am going insane waiting for 3/21, I had a baby last year and needless to say, I never made it to the Theaters. I have already told my husband that he is watching the kids in November when New Moon hits the big screen.
I just wanted to say I love the spelling of your name! I look forward to getting to know you.
Well Erin I say the more the merrier. I have my real life Edward, and I too enjoy a bit more of a grownup convo than ye olde, OMG Edwarrrd!! I sooo wanna marry him! He's a beautiful character, and perfect in a way us humans are not. One because he's the product of one's imagination, two, he's a vampire. Welcome!
Wow, Michelle, our stories are very close. I too am 37 married momma of two girls, 5 and 3. I was turned onto the books by a coworker and have not stopped reading them. My husband is starting to worry a little. I love Edward, but married my Jacob! I have recently bought the bedroom set used in Bella's room in the movie(it was my favorite color, so not totally crazy).I am now having to buy another set of the first 2 books as I have read them so many times and lent them out and they are coming apart. I even have a Twilight group started at work and am conducting Trivia Contests. It is almost like a football pool hehehe. I have my mother-in-law converted and hooked and am spreading the Twilight word! Can't wait to get my DVD's, I am having a part for the group mentioned before. Plus I am scheduling a trip to Forks to see the new Dazzled store a fan opened there.
Hello, my name is Laurena. I'm turning 42 this year, single but with a longtime significant other who's my very own Edward. My favorite of the 4 books in the saga is Breaking Dawn - I love me a happy ending.

I'm glad to have found this group because I also prefer a more mature conversation about Twilight, Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson. I'm obsessive-compulsive about stuff I'm interested in so the OCD fits me to a "T". I mentioned that my SO is my very own Edward because firstly, he's my rock and secondly, he indulges me to do stuff that makes me happy - which means buying stuff related to Twilight and surfing the 'net constantly for any tidbits about Twilight, Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson (not necessarily in order).

Nice meeting everyone!


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