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So I hear that Summit Entertainment has all the books in hand for movies. However R.P has said in interviews that he has only signed on for a TRILOGY..anyone else heard that? Anyone know if K.S signed on for the first three also? So, I figure they will negotiate the main stars after such a huge success and then move on to make Breaking Dawn a movie..But some say no..would they actually do that to us?..lead us up to the wedding/honeymoon/transformation and not give us a Breaking Dawn movie? I hadn't realized how many B.D. haters are out there.(some on this site). I am not one of them! I LOVED Breaking Dawn! (although Twilight was my fav). I know it is most likely speculation..what are your thoughts?

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I read that when RP, KS, and all of the Cullens signed on, they signed on for 3 movies. I'm *hoping* they make a B.D. movie, but who knows what'll happen. Personally, I think they could do it with a little less of the pregnancy and Jacob's POV. I just can't see how they'd end the series with Eclipse-- talk about cliff hanger!! And there's no way they could just show the wedding at the end of Eclipse... people will want to see her transformed! I'll be extremely disappointed if they don't film the ending of the saga...AND if the original cast isn't a part of it.
Even if there are "haters" out there, THAT IS HOW STEPHENIE CHOSE TO END THE SERIES!!!
hey, i wasn't thrilled with parts of BD, but at least it was SOMETHING! i would have hated it even more if it ended with Eclipse! the whole series, you are just waiting for bella to be transformed, and i think to not get that would have been horrible! so i do hope that they make a BD, even if it ends up being 4 hours long.... :)
OMG they have to make B D !!! I so want to see Bella in the after life ! not to mention the wedding and honeymoon !!!!! Them making BD is so far away ! Plus they so have to have those characters played by the org ppl cant change them !!! ummm
Hmm... I certainly hope that Breaking Dawn will eventually be made into a movie. After all, this is a 4-book series. I really think the possibility of Breaking Dawn being made into a movie hinges on the success of the first 3 movies (isn't it usually about the almight dollar???). Twilight was and continues to be a huge box office and commercial success. Based on profitability, I would think that the odds are pretty good for a fourth movie.
I agree with your thoughts about combining 2 books together to create one film, but I thought it might work out even better to combine New Moon and Eclipse. I think I cried through at least half of New Moon - it was just SO sad. Not enough of Edward in NM -I really missed him...
BD is such a long book that it could easily be made into it's own film. And, it really ties up all of the loose ends and gives a sense of closure. They just have to make it into a film!!!
I think the film studio is anxious to strike while the iron is hot - they seem to be putting the next film out very quickly. I hope they don't compromise the integrity of the real story.
I think he is a little rebellious anyway. The more interviews I read the more I like him.Maybe thats why he is so appealing to me. although he is a little young...LOL! I don't think they could do any of the movies without the original cast and maybe they will combine books 3 and 4 to make only 3 movies. Either way I want more...
I think I remember reading something on Stephenie's website about not having the technology right now to accurately protray Renesme. Maybe that's why they haven't signed for BD. I think it was under BD FAQ...but don't hold me to that. I liked BD and would be disappointed if they didn't make it into a movie. I was disappointed in the ending, I wanted the last chapter to be longer. I wanted to have more of Bella and Edward's relationship without immortal danger lurking in the shadows. So if someone from Summit Entertainment reads these discussions....Please, please make BD into a movie :)
Yes, I read this too. Because when Renesme was first born, she already showed signs of intelligence. It would be hard for a real baby to pull that off and might look cheesy if it was CG animated. But I have faith that they could figure something out!
Yea...that's for sure!! And by the way.. that was a 3 hour movie!! lol ...
very true!
That is what I was thinking!!!!!!!! NO excuses! :)


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