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So I hear that Summit Entertainment has all the books in hand for movies. However R.P has said in interviews that he has only signed on for a TRILOGY..anyone else heard that? Anyone know if K.S signed on for the first three also? So, I figure they will negotiate the main stars after such a huge success and then move on to make Breaking Dawn a movie..But some say no..would they actually do that to us?..lead us up to the wedding/honeymoon/transformation and not give us a Breaking Dawn movie? I hadn't realized how many B.D. haters are out there.(some on this site). I am not one of them! I LOVED Breaking Dawn! (although Twilight was my fav). I know it is most likely speculation..what are your thoughts?

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What a great find, thanks for posting this!! I was so disappointed when I'd originally read they'd tape the films back to back only to have them come out say afterwards that they weren't. I think when you've got a trilogy, it's the only way to tape, like LOTR! I also wish they would've done that with HP-- I'm impatiently waiting for the rest of those movies to come out as well!!

And, I'm fairly confident that there is NO WAY they will let the main characters walk away from BD. They'll be willing to shell out some serious dough to keep them. The only alternative would be a movie that would have no 'draw', and that wouldn't work for the studio! They'd be shooting themselves in the foot if they let anyone walk away...
I agree. They did just announce that Eclipse already has a release date of June..2010.. I am hoping that by then they would have negotiated with the main actors to sign on for Breaking Dawn, like you said. To leave all of us with Eclipse ..with no conclusion...yikes. And let's face it.. no matter what the quality of these movies..they will be the huge blockbusters of the whatever year they are put out.
Breaking Dawn is my favorite. Oh, my goodness, I'll die!!
I so hope the make Breaking Dawn, but only if they have the same actors. I can understand why Rob would worry about being typecasted (can anyone really see Daniel Radcliffe playing any other role but Harry Potter?), but he and all the other actors are so young, they have their entire careers to prove they can do other roles. I think the key to getting them on board is to start filming BD very soon after Eclipse. They shouldn't wait a long time in between films.
I heard KS say in an interview that they are planning on making BD, she just doesnt know when.. She said they've signed on for the 3, but she doesnt know about the 4th yet.


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