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So I hear that Summit Entertainment has all the books in hand for movies. However R.P has said in interviews that he has only signed on for a TRILOGY..anyone else heard that? Anyone know if K.S signed on for the first three also? So, I figure they will negotiate the main stars after such a huge success and then move on to make Breaking Dawn a movie..But some say no..would they actually do that to us?..lead us up to the wedding/honeymoon/transformation and not give us a Breaking Dawn movie? I hadn't realized how many B.D. haters are out there.(some on this site). I am not one of them! I LOVED Breaking Dawn! (although Twilight was my fav). I know it is most likely speculation..what are your thoughts?

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Or Robbie Coltrane look 8 feet tall...

It would probably take a combination of several children at different ages, an adult, and some CGI.
The adult would be the model for movements, reactions and expressions. They'd probably have to film the children, film the adult model and then mesh everything together in the computer. I'm sure they'd have to do some rendering with the eyes, because proportions change with age. You couldn't simply superimpose an adult's eyes over the filmed image of the child.
Remember Lord Of The Ring they made some actor that are tall very small and some not tall very tall I think they have the technology but I really think that for the 4th movie it will made if only New Moon and Eclipse are great success!!!!

I heard Victoria on MTV saying that if the people want the last book on film we have to go see them all to theater and by the dvd's....

It's only to us to make it happends....
But it wouldn't be not right not to do the last book in movie because all the infos and all the things happening and Bella finally get what she always wanted hummmm.... I don't think they will be stupid not to put it in a movie....
SM said on her website that BD would most likely have to be made in two movies because there's just too much plot that couldn't be removed. But she also said she didn't think a BD movie would be possible because of Renesmee. Even days after she was born, her face showed too many expressions that they couldn't use a real baby or toddler to play her,and that it would have to be a construct and she didn't think the current technology would work. She did also agree, though, that there's still a whole lot of time and technology improves at a rapid rate and something might be able to work by then.

I agree that a BD movie HAS to be made. People will want to see Bella become a vampire and if they change the way in which it happens, or add it onto the end of Eclipse movie, I don't think the fans will be happy, even if they aren't fans of BD.
i dont think we would mind 2 movies lol
I loved breaking dawn as well... my question is since the first one is already done and they say trilogy do they mean 2,3 and 4?
OMG! Breaking Dawn was my absolute favorite book and I truly will be crushed if they don't make it into a movie. I would love to see SM take it further with another book or even a trilogy on the life of the Cullen's and Nessie "growing up". I am so addicted - anything to keep it going for the ladies! LOL! I do understand about the pregnancy though - that would be pretty graphic but there has to be a way around that to make it suitable for viewing.
I think that they could show Bella getting progressively bigger quickly as in the book, but they may not have to portray Nessie's birth...Maybe we could just see Edward's reaction, hear Bella's screams, but not actually see anything...idk...just quick thoughts
I have seen an interview with R.P. and he says he has only read the first three books...maybe because that is all he signed on for?..idk. Maybe that has changed and he went on to read Breaking can you not? I mean .. it builds up sooo much in Eclipse, especially at the end..I could not wait to see the wedding and find out about the HONEYMOON!! lol It would be horribly tragic if they did not finish this series for us fans. It is possible (and smart) if these actors signed on for 3 but because of the phenomenal success can not only make a heap load more of money by doing the fourth, .. but also satisfy us twi-hards. But he definitely said that when he signed on he was told it was a TRILOGY!!.
I agree. We have to have all four movies. They can do the trilogy then renegotiate for the 4th installment. But I can see some of the actors not wanting to limit themselves to just Twilight but then again they weren't that well known up to that point. I remember RP as Cedric Digory and Taylor L. as sharkboy.
Mare - I'm with you! I LOVED Breaking Dawn. It's my next favorite book after Twilight. The way I look at it is, Im sure these movies are going to make oodles of money for the film studios and the actors. I'm sure some of the actors are worried about being typecast and I can understand them possibly being reluctant to do a fourth movie. But if the studio execs are smart - they will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to keep this group of actors.
Oh man Suzanne that IS very hopeful! Thanks for that.

Typecast..crack me up!! This has done more for these actors then probably anything they will ever do!! Not to say they aren't wonderful in other roles..but come on. I agree Spilette..let's hope the execs have some sense.. I mean, look what happened to other movies that they tried to do that..change up the people to save some cash or whatever....not worth it!! Oh, and Christian Bale is the only REAL
All the actors have to do to avoid typecasting is to keep busy with other projects in between the Twilight Saga movies and try to make those choices as diverse as possible. If the non-Twilight movies make a lot of money, there won't be an issue.


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