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I wonder and was talking about this very subject with my coworkers;

Edward doesn't eat or go to the restroom, nor does he have any other "human moments" as Bella puts it.

But he drinks blood? Where does that go? Hmmmm.

And as he has no "human moments" how is it that he can conceive a child? Think about it........

I'm just curious what you "Twihards" think about his?

I love everything Twilight, don't get me wrong, but then again you can't help mother nature.....

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That's a very good question, and it crossed my mind too when reading it. I love the twilight saga, but I did have many questions, that didn't make a lot of sense. But I guess I really didn't care because I just loved Edward and Bella so much, and just kept reading it anyway!
Hmmmm wow you know my daughter and i were talking about that and we have no clue either fact everyone i have talked to who has read twilight has mentioned the same thing.Maybe we should email steph and ask her???? And im no doctor but i do know you have to have a heart to get the blood pumping for a man to well you know so you got me there.I think they shower though i mean don't they??
Have you been to SM's site? She discusses the whole "how could bella get pregnant" question. My opinion as to why they don't need to go to the restroom is that they drink the blood and it is used to give them energy. Also, remember that this isn't real, it's fantasy so does she really need to worry about every little detail?
you can not just go that deep into everything,it`s just book,fantasy book,so just let it it how it`s not scientology book,remember that.
Thanks everyone. It's good to know I'm not the only weird one thinking these things! Heather, let me know what you find out!
I have wondered a lot if they shower. I think I remember a reference maybe in Midnight Sun about never sweating so I am assuming vampires don't get body odor and they don't get oils in their hair either most likely so for those reasons, it might not be quite as necessary to shower, and so many vamps are nomads and don't live amongst humans as the Cullens do so showering is not that big a deal, but the Cullens living as humans, I would think they would need to at least wash up and wash their hair sometimes. I've wondered if they ever use products in their hair. I mean, for the wedding with Alice's hair sort of curled, she'd have to use hairspray to hold that in, I'd think, and so would have to wash it out. I don't know if I'm making any sense.

But I have been wanting to ask if you guys think the vampires shower, but I felt like I was probably the only one wondering that. So I'm glad you guys asked this!

As for the conceiving a child, SM does describe it all on her website. I agree it is a bit of a stretch, but I'll accept her explanation.
I assume that the vamps must shower! When the nomads came in Twilight, didn't Carlisle welcome them to their home and they mentioned something about not having the comforts for a while, since they had been travelling? Besides, they must get dirty!? I mean nomads are mostly barefoot and all of them climb, jump and run through the woods. Wouldn't they be dirty? This is all just so funny!
I read on Twilight Lexicon on an area where SM answers questions about Twilight and she said that they do shower, but not because they sweat or have BO, but because they get dirty from being outside...outside dirty stuff. So, they shower for that reason alone. Go to for a whole slough of answers!

Hope that helps!
What I wonder about the story is...when Bella has her period, can she even leave the house? Even with all of their precautions (more so in Twilight), I just wondered...

With the male vampires, being able to conceive a child is pretty consistent in stories...human moments-hmm...bathing in the event they get dirty, seems reasonable....needing to change clothing is obvious.....does hair grow? or does that "freeze", too? The hair can be combed and styled, yeah. The blood would seem to work like a form of nourishment, and SM's vampires do not ever use the and then, yuck...

(All of) The questions we come up with are not looking too deep into the story, aren't they musings???
And here I was wondering about conceiving a child and never even thought about Bella having a period.....mmmm. Great question. I never even thought of it!

Kinda makes you wonder?

The things our 30 something minds think
Well, as in other vampire novels.....drinking blood and sex are always present; so, I suppose the twilight vampires are no exception. However, I think bella is the first character to have a child of a i right???

Yeah, I think they bathe, I wonder if they're hair grows? Now that I think about it, I don't think the twilight vampire biology was fully explained..Interesting....

I will have to read the getting pregnant explanation asap!

Wesley Snipes played in a series of movies called "Blade" where he was a half vamp half human... so, Bella is not the first character to have a child of a vampire.


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