The Twilight Saga

I wonder and was talking about this very subject with my coworkers;

Edward doesn't eat or go to the restroom, nor does he have any other "human moments" as Bella puts it.

But he drinks blood? Where does that go? Hmmmm.

And as he has no "human moments" how is it that he can conceive a child? Think about it........

I'm just curious what you "Twihards" think about his?

I love everything Twilight, don't get me wrong, but then again you can't help mother nature.....

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I read what SM says about the "venom sperm"... I could buy that.

As for where the blood he drinks goes... I think that his body uses it all up. That's how they can go so long between feedings... there is no waste to expell, so no need for a human moment in the bathroom. make sense?

now, how does he keep his breath so fresh??!?? lol


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