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After i read TS so many times,i was reading Kim Harrison ,but i`m done.Do you know about some interesting books that would be nice to read?I`m sure you love TS as much as me,so our taste should be me out!!

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I guess it really depends on what genre of books you like.. I love Nora Roberts.. I also Love J.D. Robb, who is Nora Roberts under a pen name. The in Death Series is awesome. There is a huge series that follows Eve Dallas and Roarke... Romance, murder, and its set in the future... Really good books.
Oh yeah Angeline. Love the JD Robb In Death series. I stated on another blog that Rob could play Roark if they ever decided to make movies out of these books!!!
thanks,i`ll look up tp it.!
ditto - can't shake the twilight characters so i've moved on to fan fic.
Wicked by Gregory Macguire
I am reading Cat & Mouse by James Patterson. It is in a series of books about Detective Alex Cross (homicide). I have read many of the books in this series and really like them as well.
I just started "City of Bones" which is the first in a series by Cassandra Clare and I like it so far. When I'm done with that series, I plan on reading "Marked" the first of the House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast to see if I like that series. I think there's 5 books in it.
Book 1 Dark Lover in the Black Daggar Brotherhood Seris
I am up to Book 4 in this series and it is really good. Highly recommend. There are supposed to be 10 in the series when it is done, she has up through book 7 out now.
I read Marked. Hated it. There's a total anti-Christian agenda, incorrect grammar and nothing happens until the very end. JMHO, but passing it along...
Good to know, thanks. I only bought the first book just in case it was bad, which in this case, sounds like it might be a good thing!
well,i`m reading "night World" by L.J Smith and i like it.try it.


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