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I first picked up a copy of twilight when I was visiting my friend in Las Vegas during the summer two years ago. This is pre-movie hype, the apple cover caught my eye when I was in the book section. Usually I read the cover to see what it is about. Well, what can I say? There was an instant connection and I was hooked! I bought the book and basically ignored my friend the entire weekend! If Bella is a like a drug to Edward than twilight has become mine! I have read the entire series several times over and can always find something new to think about and ponder. If Stephen King doesn't get it shame on him! I was drawn in by the ordinary mundane human existence meeting with the supernatural world. Bella is every girl who has wanted to live a different life, to experience a greater purpose and live in a world where she is special. I think that there are a large number of people who wouldn't mind that. I want to feel that bloom of first love and see it play through. This book is chaste in romance, but complex in many ways. I could go on and on about it, but now it's your turn. Tell me what made you pick up these books? What did they make you feel?

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I couldn't have said it better myself. I actually didn't start reading the books until last month. They were recommended to me by a co-worker. I read them all in about ten days. That is a record for me. Stephenie has a way of pulling you into the story right away and just made you fall in love with the characters. I literally could not put the books down. These books are a way for people to escape their mundane lives and get whisked away into a romantic supernatural world. I borrowed the books from a co-worker and had to return them. I hope to buy the series for myself soon so I can read them again.
You sound like me. I have to admit that I had no idea about Twilight until the end of 08. In Jan 09 I bought the books on reccomendation of a co-worker. AWESOME. I couldn't stop!!!! reading. I've actually put off rereading them 'cause I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy. I see now that i'm not. I'll reread them soon. Have you read The Host?
I have read them all about 3 times each now... and I have read the host 2 times.... but I have it on my ipod now too, so it's great! I love the twilight series and recommend The Host to all of you, Stephenie has a way with characters! Love it!!! I'm 30 as well and this site makes me feel so normal! I thought I was losing my mind! lol The Host is a great story too.... It is said to be SM first Adult novel, but really other than talk of burning skin and fire it's suitable for most as well.... If you love love triangles like in twilight.... Wanderer will have you all hooked!! Read it and let me know what you think!!
What if you find love triangles as the hardest part of this saga to deal with? I started these books 4 days ago and have finished Eclipse and I am so mad at Bella for what she did to both of those boys. Edward is absolutely devoted to her and she keeps doubting it which is frustrating. Then she goes and kisses Jacob back right in front of him and he still doesn't express being hurt by her. Maybe those of you out there that have read the last book and have read the saga more than once can help me with how to deal with this frustration, I couldn't sleep well last night for thinking about it and I was grumpy toward my kids.
Am I becoming an addict fast?
I have already been thinking about what other books to pick up after the last of this saga but I don't want to read about another love triangle necessarily. I am old fashioned, I guess.
I reread parts of Twilight again, then with New Moon I wanted the book to hurry up and get to the part where Edward would be with Bella again. I couldn't hardly stand it listening to the description of how painful it was for her. And I liked how New Moon ended. The steamy love scenes in Eclipse were great timing in terms of needing to step up the love quotient and I loved the way Stephanie did them.
Your comment about Bella being a woman not confident in being loved is true but his devotion is made clear to her over and over again, even to the unselfish extent that Edward allowed himself to be ok with her seeing Jacob. Wasn't that hurting him? It seemed that she was less concerned about Edward getting hurt than Jacob. As you can see, I am a big fan of Edward. What a guy. Do you really think that he would have been able to emotionally be ok with her living life with Jacob, having kids, etc.and not be able to be with her? I am so wrapped up in this, the thought of her not being with him actually brings up tears.

Well, thanks for answering and I am off to the book store to get Breaking Dawn. I told myself last night I would get something else done this weekend but, I guess I will be reading. I just don't want to read that Bella is a poop at her wedding. I don't want to hear anything else about the book except that part.
This sounds just like me. I have read all 4 books 4 times, I have read the Host, I have read Midnight Sun twice now. My husband and my kids think I am nuts!! I got my sister interested in reading the books, now her husband is reading them. I find that Twilight comes up in almost all my conversations these days. I was totally swept away by this series. I was starting to feel like there was something wrong with me. Glad to know that there is more people out there like me!
First of all, sorry but english is not my mothertongue. I absolutely agree with all of you. It was ages that I didnt got passionate about a book! I already watched 4 times the movie in english and a couple of times in italian, and then I'read the 4 books in both languages!! I couldn't stop reading, Also my man doesn't understand, he only likes what's down to earth and real, he thinks I'm somekind of nuts, but I cannot help myself, I keep searching the net and all fansite in several languages to have news about them and see Rob pictures and videos, apart that now I nearly only listen to his songs. Ehi Beverly glad to hear that we had the same feelings... so we're not that nuts afterall! I would like to keep re-reading the books but I can only do it when he's not around, do you imagine!!!
I read The Host, and absolutely loved it. Stephenie Meyer is definitely a master at creating characters you just cant help but love. I recommend all Twilight fans and Stephenie Meyer fans to read this. I have read it twice already.
I was totally against reading them because I was a true die hard Harry Potter Fan and had a few other Harry Potter fans tell me that the books werent that great so I was really turned off. I decided to join a book club and bought all 4 books with the intention of having my son read them. When they came I had nothing else to read so I picked up Twilight. I could not put it down. It was the most alluring book. It pulled me in by the time I read the first page. So I read the first three. I was almost done with Eclipse and getting frustrated because my Breaking Dawn was on back order and I didnt know when it would ever show up. Luckily it showed up the day I finished Eclipse. As soon as I was done with Breaking Dawn I picked Twilight back up and restarted. I have just a minor obsession with the books. I have read them 5 times since November. One of my friends finally told me I had to give my books a rest or else they will start to fall apart so I am taking a break from them for the moment. Even though I really want to reread them yet again.
I have never been pulled into a book or books like I have with the Twilight Saga.
I too am a DIE HARD Harry Potter Fan.... Counting down the days until Half-Blood Prince comes out, and New Moon as well! My cousins have tried to get me to read Twilight since it came out... I'm not a big vampire fan so I said NO.... I'm a full time college student and this past Christmas break my niece left her copy sitting in my bedroom.... well I picked it up because I had nothing else to do and that was that! I instantly fell in love with Edward Cullen and the Cullen family! I agree with True Cullen Spirit, Stephen King doesn't understand the magic of this book! How can he when he writes so many horror books? I have read the entire series, including what is posted of Midnight Sun, four times since December! I plan on rereading the series again as soon as I have time! If you haven't read Midnight Sun you guys should! Edward's Point of View is wonderful! You learn things you couldn't possibly see in Twilight! I am addicted, hmmm looking at my Team Edward and Twilight bracelet on my left wrist...... I hope Stephenie continues to write about the Cullen family in the future because it seems to be sure a big part of peoples lives.... very much the same way Harry Potter is! It was sad to have to read the last book for both series..... but ALL good things must come to an end...
Wow! I was begining to wonder if I was the only Harry Potter and Twilight fan around. I totally agree with you. I knew nothing the the Twilight series but saw the trailer with Rob Pattinson. Being the HP fan, I took my son to see the movies to support Rob. Came out of the movie feeling like I's been hit by a train. I went out the next day and bought the first two books, by christmas I got the next two. Have now read the series four times and can't put them down. This is the first time since HP that I have actually really been hooked on reading. Stephenie is a wonderful writer, or dreamer. What a talent!
I do hope she will continue the series. Midnight Sun has so much to give us. We know Bella and Jacobs thoughts, but Edward needs his say. It would be fasinating to see what would happen with Jacob and Ness. I believe Bella has more talents that have not been revealed (the way she could see what might happen in dreams).
It's nice to know there are fans of both series.
I too am a big Harry Potter fan. I read all the HP books: 3 times, then I read them again before each movie. ( I want to remember the real story before I see the next movie.) I thought that was a lot.
A lot of us in my music family at the college have read the same books and seen the movies, for the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. They all wanted me to read Twilight. I didn't think it was my kind of story. Then I saw the trailer for Twilight. I figured if Cedric, the Hogwarts Champion, and in my house of Hufflepuff (I even took the sorting quiz.) was in it, I had to see it just to support him. (EDWARD CULLEN is in MY HOUSE!) I like to read a book before I see the movie, so I started reading Twilight. Well, I have now read the whole Saga at least 6 times (I'm not really sure, it may be more. I quit counting.) I have seen the movie 4 times (although the books are WAY better than the movie) and can't wait for the DVD to come out. (It's not just me, my son has read them, and saw the movie twice. And, my husband has read them at least 2 times, and he's reading them again!) I found these forums about 2 weeks ago, now I have to read them again (a little slower, sigh!) so I can talk about them with everyone here. I listen to the playlists while I'm doing something else. While I'm listening to other music, I think about if it applies to Twilight (and a lot of music is about love-so it does!). I'm finding more and more stuff online. I don't think any of the others know how obsessed I am.


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