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I first picked up a copy of twilight when I was visiting my friend in Las Vegas during the summer two years ago. This is pre-movie hype, the apple cover caught my eye when I was in the book section. Usually I read the cover to see what it is about. Well, what can I say? There was an instant connection and I was hooked! I bought the book and basically ignored my friend the entire weekend! If Bella is a like a drug to Edward than twilight has become mine! I have read the entire series several times over and can always find something new to think about and ponder. If Stephen King doesn't get it shame on him! I was drawn in by the ordinary mundane human existence meeting with the supernatural world. Bella is every girl who has wanted to live a different life, to experience a greater purpose and live in a world where she is special. I think that there are a large number of people who wouldn't mind that. I want to feel that bloom of first love and see it play through. This book is chaste in romance, but complex in many ways. I could go on and on about it, but now it's your turn. Tell me what made you pick up these books? What did they make you feel?

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I'd heard some buzz about the series a couple of years ago, but thought it was just a 'tween' book so I didn't think twice about it and that was that. When B.D. came out, though, I found I had a lot of friends who were eagerly anticipating it, so I decided to see what all the hype was about. I finally got around to ordering my boxed set a few weeks ago, and haven't stopped reading since! It has been like a reading frenzy; I couldn't put them down! I'm reading them for the 3rd time (my husband thinks I'm certifiable now!) and I'm eagerly anticipating the BluRay release!!

I've wondered why I love these books so much too, and I think it's because Bella is totally relatable. I *want* her to find her true love... and the fact that it's Edward is just icing on the cake. ;) I loved reading about the little things he'd do for her b/c it reminded me of when my husband would do little things for me. And it made me appreciate *him* just a little bit more. IK a lot of people didn't care for New Moon, but I loved it b/c Bella 'found' herself.

IDK, maybe in a world full of real-life horror stories, it was nice to have a hero and heroine that I could cheer for; a true love that I wanted to see conquer all; a happy ending that I wasn't sure I was going to get, but was ecstatic about when it ended the way I'd hoped. Perhaps that's why I find myself continuing to read it over and over again. IDK. I have to admit, though, that I'm really happy I found these books. [And even happier to know that I'm not alone in my Twilight obsession!!]
You hit the nail right on the head in your last paragraph. I get frustrated with people who didn't like Breaking Dawn - I mean seriously, who doesn't want Bella and Edward to be 100% together?
I know, I don't understand it, either. I love Breaking Dawn. I was SOOOO happy that it worked out the way it did.
I picked up Twilight in December at LAX. We were heading back to Alaska from a Disney trip and I was looking for something mindless to read on the flight. I was aware of all the hype surrounding the books and movie and had made up my mind to avoid it all like the plague. But, it was 6:00 am and my choices were limited, so I picked up Twillight. Needless to say, I didn't even open it on the flight. I stuck it in my bedside table when we got home and proceeded to read two other books. Finally, in late December I found myself out of new reading material and decided I'd give Twilight a try. After all, being a pop culture junkie, I wanted to know what all the hype was about. Needless to say, I devoured the entire book in just over 24 hours. I picked up New Moon the next day and started it as soon as I got home.

In Alaska it's rare that the weather gets bad enough to close things down. However, we had a freak warm spell followed by a cool off that left Anchorage iced over. My entire family got an "ice day" and as luck would have it, that was the day I finished New Moon. I made it two hours before I jumped in the car and braved the icy conditions to make a run to Target to purchase the last two books. I just COULD NOT wait! I even bought the family a new Wii game to ensure they left me alone w/ my books!!!!

I'm nearly finished w/ my second go-round of the series, and I'm a little nervous about what I will do when I'm done. My 10 year old daughter started reading Twilight last week, so we are having fun swapping notes. It's fun to get her perspective and since she is at that pivotal "tween" age, I am looking forward to using these books to talk more about important topics like relationships, self respect etc. These books made me hopeful that my daughter will recognize that while it is impossible to find an Edward, it is possible to find a partner who loves, cherishes and respects you.
I was at a party when a friend was talking about Twilight and how it made her feel and I thought, hmmm, I need to read that! And I was hooked! Like you, I have read the book several times and just can't seem to get enough! It surpises me sometimes how "obsessed" with this I have become but so many people I know feel the same way. It is defintely a drug to me but with less devistating effects. The romance is a big pull for me but I do have many philosophical conversations with friends about the complexities and what appeals to us. I love how you said you wanted to feel the "bloom of first love". That is so very true for me. I am not sure if that is the biggest connection for me but it seems to be. Is it terrible that I want an Edward in my life (even though I am actually married)?
I heard about twilight here and there but didn't really pay attention to all the fuss. They once the movie came out I was hearing it everywhwere. I still was not interested in reading it. But in January 2009 my sister gave me the book to read. She had already read it. Well it sat in my car for about two weeks. Still not interested. I was at my daughter's school waiting in the carpool line. I had about 30-45 minutes to kill so I said let me just read a couple of pages. Well...I couldn't stop! It took me two days to read Twilight. I immediately purchased the rest of the series and read them within a week. I am totally addicted, to the point of obession. I am 33yrs old! It is not right for me to be obessing of books like this. There must be something seriously wrong with me. But anyhow, I found this website and I see I am not alone. Thanks!
Hey ladies! I'm soooo glad to know I'm in good company.

I don't remember exactly when I picked up "Twilight," but it was sometime around, or a bit after, Christmas. I hadn't paid much attention to the book before then, even though I remember seeing the movie trailer many times and seeing the book in the stores a lot, but I figured that the hype was making it out more then it was. I usually get disappointed in things when they are really hyped up. Anyway, even though I had picked up the book and had it for a few weeks, I hadn't started it yet. I lost my Granny, who I was extremely close to, in the middle of January and after a couple of weeks I needed a distraction from that sadness. I remembered I had picked up "Twilight" and immediately began reading.

Oh.My.God. I could literally KICK myself for waiting so long to give into the hype and missing the movie at the theater! I am currently still reading the series for the first time and I'm in the middle of "Eclipse." I am now completely, no going back, obsessed. I never, ever re-read books, but I already know that these will never leave my bedside now and be re-read several times.

I'm not sure I can put into words what the books make me feel. I have been jaded in regards to love by a really, really bad first marriage and my second (even though I love my husband dearly) is honestly my re-bound romance from my bad first marriage. I think the books give me hope that there are true soulmates out there and such love is possible. As I read, I do remember different high school memories, and some of that is fun. Mostly though, it's the love.

It makes me feel good to know that there are some many of us adult women out there enjoying these books and relating to them, even though they are "supposed" to be for teens.
My daughter got tiwlight for last christmas and after she read the book got me to go see the movie, I had not read the book and did not know what it was about. I thought the movie was good and after a week thought I would read the book as my daughter said it was better then the movie, so off i went and could not put it down finished it in a day. finished the 4 books before my daughter. I don't know why this saga has me so hooked but i wont to read it for the third time but am trying to read the host, not doing to good. I have read a lot of books, one saga is still going after 20 years and the 26 book is comimg out in march but none of them have the effect that twilight has had on me. I think the way Edward loves bella is what we would all like to have and reading the books you can place yourself in her place. I just hope tht SM finishes midnight sun and dose all 4 books from Edward view. oh yes and to hell with S King he write garbage
I was given Twilight from my sister in August 08 and she said, it's about vampires. My first reaction was i don't like vampire books or movies. But she convinced me to read it. I took it home and was instantly hooked. I could not put it down. I read until 3am in the morning.On my lunch break the next day I went to the book store next door to buy New Moon. Cóuldn't wait to see my sister again to get it off of her, I just had to get it. So i actually bought all the books in one go and had read them all by the end of the week. I definatly don't think i won any mother of the week awards that week, or wife or even employee of the week for that matter. I just could not put them down. My co-worker started reading them when she saw how engrosed i was and now she too is addicted. My days use to be made up of waking up, getting ready for work, making kids lunches, go to work , come home cook dinner then go to bed, now I have something to do to break up the mundane routine of my day. I'm not even sure what's on TV these days. I'm greatful to my sister now.....
The cover of Twilight is what first attracted me to the book, but it was always something I would buy and read someday. Then I found out that, that was the book they were making into a movie and I wanted to read the series before the movie came out, so I bought it. I had no idea how quickly obsessed I would become and read the entire series in 7 days. I have read many books before, but this was the first time I felt I somehow could related to the characters, and the first time I wished a book was auto-biographical. It seems no matter how many times I read the books, I always pick up on something I didnt before, and after I read Midnight Sun, reading Twilight seemed a little new.
My daughter read all the books last summer and kept telling me how great they were, she's a huge fan so I took her to see the film on openning night and I loved it. I started reading them the next day and I've now read them all. I kind of wish I had read the books first because to me Edward and Bella will always look how they do in the film, though I think I have developed a feel for their characters that's my own, which I like.
My 15 years old twins bought and whizzed through them in days - granted they both love to read, but this was ridiculous! They started loaning them out to their friends and then I took them to see the movie (wait - thought I started reading them in Oct - guess not...) well, good golly, holy crow I read the entire series in a week! I cried when Breaking Dawn was finished - serious depression. Thought I was seriously losing my mind. No wonder these girls were so obsessed! SO thrilled to talk to so many of you who share the same passion in these stories. What an amazing writer SM is to capture the hearts of young and old alike!


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