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I first picked up a copy of twilight when I was visiting my friend in Las Vegas during the summer two years ago. This is pre-movie hype, the apple cover caught my eye when I was in the book section. Usually I read the cover to see what it is about. Well, what can I say? There was an instant connection and I was hooked! I bought the book and basically ignored my friend the entire weekend! If Bella is a like a drug to Edward than twilight has become mine! I have read the entire series several times over and can always find something new to think about and ponder. If Stephen King doesn't get it shame on him! I was drawn in by the ordinary mundane human existence meeting with the supernatural world. Bella is every girl who has wanted to live a different life, to experience a greater purpose and live in a world where she is special. I think that there are a large number of people who wouldn't mind that. I want to feel that bloom of first love and see it play through. This book is chaste in romance, but complex in many ways. I could go on and on about it, but now it's your turn. Tell me what made you pick up these books? What did they make you feel?

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I started reading this series in Feb 2009....First I had a friend of mine tell me to read the books last fall, but since I was taking college classes I thought that I didn't have time. I have not read any novels since the DaVinci Code a few years back, I only thought I liked non-fiction books. But, then when the movie came out, a co worker of mine was coming in everyday driving me nuts about reading this series. I told her, "I didn't have time," I was busy reading tax textbooks. I promised her that on my break between semesters I would read them. Since I am mom of two really active boys, work almost full time, have a husband; I did not think I would have the time to read them so i kept procrastinating. Then, I finally broke down and down the first book on Ebay in Feb. I got the book on Tuesday, was done by Thursday, and saw the movie that Friday. Then read the other three novels in less than a week. I spent the weekend not eating, or was crazy! I could not put them down. I just finished the series again, and my school grades are beginning to suffer. I have seen the movie 4 times (in the movies), read fan fiction, and midnight sun twice.

But, I found myself day dreaming about the Bella and Edward; and listening to the soundtrack at work and in the car. I am thankful to find that I am not the only one out there. My friends that have not read the series think I am totally insane. I am slowly trying to convince them all to read it! Thanks to Stephenie Meyers for writing such awesome characters that really seem to be alive. I hope there is more to come!!!!!!
Hi there I am so glad to see that there are so many people around my age that are just as obsessed with these wonderful books as I am!! My obsession with Twilight started thanks to my students, I teach English as a Second Language to 6th and 7th grade students in a very wealthy suburb near Chicago. Believe it or not some of my more proficient students started reading Twilight, so I started reading it with them to make sure that they were understanding the story. Before I knew it they were hooked and I was hooked!!! Thanks to these wonderful books, several of my least proficient students have also started reading the books using their IPODS so needless to say, I have read the entire saga about 3 times already.

At the time that I was reading it for the first time, my husband and I were having some serious issues and somehow the Twilight Saga prevented me from going into a deep depression. Twilight was my escape from all of my problems and all of the reality that I needed to get away from while my husband and I were working our issues out. Now I am counting the days until Saturday for me to receive my movie.

I look forward to sharing many more comments and stories in regards to these wonderful books :)
I have a friend, HP's fan, that she went over and over on "how great Twilight book was". She recommended it to me. (She knows I love vampire stories). This was prior the movie, last year. I saw the book at the store, and with some disbelieve on if I would like it, I bought it. I got hook on it instantly. I think I read it over the weekend, I completely ignored my husband. I love the story, the events, even thou I was no that impress with the prose; but I understood the audience the book was for. And of course I had to read the rest. I think I read the Saga in a month or so. These books are my own brand of heroin!!!!!
I heard about the books from my daughter, who is not sure that she wanted to read them. When the movie came out, I went with her and another mother and daughter. I did not know what to expect. I cracked up when I saw the movie, and could not understand what it was that had these girls crazy for Robert Pattinson! I thought he was a monster. Until I read the books (all ) by the following weekend, I had forgotten/buried what it meant to be in love, and to want to be every and anything for that person. That is what Twilight did for me. I love the Edward character, and truly hope that men and the young men out there are paying some degree of attention. Old school romance should never die.
Robert Pattinson is perfect for the role, and he is hilarious to watch and listen to. I hope that someone is taking good care of him.....

I bought the soundtrack, the score, the movie companion, am waiting for my two extra DVDs and the director's handbook. The story has a great pull, and the music that is generated from the story PLUS everyone's take on using pre-existing music is so great. The playlist for this site is so awesome, that I plan to put it on my iPod!
My 20 year old daughter turned me onto Twilight in 08 . At first she took me to see the movie . Then from there I started reading the books . She wouldnt let me borrow any of her books of course . because shes just as obsessed as we are . but thats ok I wanted my own collection . I am now reading the saga over again .


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