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Okay - we all know that lots of stuff from the Twilight book never made it into the movie. What part of the book would you have liked to see make it into the movie (besides the meadow scene!!!).

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I would def added the part where Edward and Bella stated they loved one another out loud. The relationship didn't seem as loving as it should have been. The part in the book where Edward tells Bella she said she loved him in her sleep was great. That needed to be in the movie for sure.
I believe there should have been more buildup. I took them a long time to warm up to each other. That really wasn't displayed. I think they should have done away with all the touching Edward was very carefull of his body proximity.
I am with you 100%. That is something that really disappointed me about the movie.
Well Im reading Twilight for the second time right now(so Ive been thinking about the movie) & I would have liked to see the
scene where she wakes up in the morning & hes sitting in her rocking chair & she jumps on his lap
& she tells him she loves him. I also would have liked to see when they were on their way to the field
to play baseball & hes trying to convince her she will be safe on his back
when they have to run the rest of the way. He kisses her on her on her neck & makes her forget why shes scared. ahhhhh
I love those parts and of course the MEADOW scene.
To me these are the parts where they really get close & the movie lacks showing that.
In my opinion anyway.
Ok, holy crap! Where did you get that picture(your icon)???? I feel very indecent looking at it. ;)
Thanks, Suzanne! It's still a nice pic though. :(
the before the baseball scene was the one I was thinking of too, it is sooo seductive and playful! Also after the meadow where he kisses her and she tries to drive and he says she shouldn't because she is intoxicated with him... so funny!!
oh yes shannon! definitely the morning of him in the rocking chair scene.. bella's excitement was so adorable! ;-)
In the book S.M. describes in detail all the caressing. His deliberate slowness and moving down the sides of her neck and his hands moving to her shoulders..his face turning on it side and his nose skimming her collarbone...and his face pressing against her chest...(is it getting hot in here?)

That's just a part ....but Nuff said?.. lol

The one kiss in the movie..was NOT enough to fully comprehend the intensity. All the caressing and skimming never made it in the movie.

I also would have like to see the playfulness as mentioned by others...In the movie he did say, "You really shouldn't have said that,"...then they were jumping through trees?!!! UGH!! But in the book..He crouches and growls and playfully Bella says.."you wouldn't".. lol.. And he leaps at her and crashes into the sofa, banging it up against the wall, forming an iron cage of protection...etc..and it goes on.. oh man..much more than the ridiculous jumping in trees....I missed that!

I would have like just a couple minutes given to when Edward and Bella were at his house and he was talking about Italy in Chapter 16, I think it was an important lead up to New Moon..but I am sure they will cover that in the beginning of New Moon..
Along with him spending the night for the first time and the rocking chair scene the following morning - I would most like to have the scene in the cafeteria where Edward is sitting by himself for the first time and he beckons her over with his sly grin. And then the conversation that follows of course.
Yes, I agree with all of you. Def more playfulness and def more "first love" affection. Bella's character seemed so....... idk monotone in the movie - not like she was in the book. Blood typing and the meadow scenes were my two faves that I wish would have been in the movie. I'm extremely curious to see what will be kept and what will be eliminated in New Moon. Gosh! Is it November yet?!?!?!?
LOL! I'm sooooooooo there with you Theresa. We'll go together - I'll bring the Charmin!


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