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Okay - we all know that lots of stuff from the Twilight book never made it into the movie. What part of the book would you have liked to see make it into the movie (besides the meadow scene!!!).

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i wanted the "romance" of the book to come through in the movie, and it really didn't. it seemed rather rushed. if i hadn't read the book i would be wondering "what the hell is going on???" lol

one minute it looks like he hates her, then he's like-i am soo dangerous, then they are in love?? i was fairly disappointed with that part.
Actually the problem in twilight wasn"t the director it was the writer melissa rosenberg and she is writing new moon so i agree lets hope thedirector does a good job.He directed "The Golden Compass"And i think he did a pretty good job.Hey do any of you have 'twilight" the complete illustrated movie companion? If not you have to get it. has beautiful photos of the movie and all the cast it has so much info when they were filming.and it has lots of lovely photos of edward!!!!!
I have it Erin.. and I love it!! :)
I agree with everyone on the add-ons- Mine would have to also be building their love story more-like in the book and their playfullness/humor with each other, I also missed that they didn't put the Jasper/Alice playup a little more, we just got that 2 second hand hold. Also I would have liked to have seen the Port Angeles rescue scenes more like the book-it was just so rushed. But I still loved it.
In addtion to everyone's comments (I agree completely!), I thought they should have portrayed Bella's clumsiness better. I saw the movie first and didn't think much about it. Read the book and thought, "wow, she would be hard keeping alive." When I saw the movie again, I only noticed a couple of instances where Bella trips...certainly didn't capture her character completely. Plus, Bella's clumsiness is one of the reasons I absolutely adore her (perhaps I'm a bit too much like Emmet??)
I think that because the book is written from Bella't POV, it makes sense to me to actually narrate her thoughts in the movie. A lot of first person sing. movie is done that way, I don't think that would cause a problem... what do you think?
I would have liked the meadow scene to have happened like in the book. I also in general would have liked more intimate moments, touches, more conversation, kisses.... Their love is so intense in the book and I don't feel they portrayed it very well on the big screen.
I really would have liked to see the cafeteria scene where he sits at the table alone and motions with his finger for Bella to come sit with him and winks at her. Not only would it be a hot Edward moment but the look on Jessica's face would have been priceless and give some background to why she all of a sudden hates Bella in NM
I can't think of anything right off hand about Twilight, but I do have issues with New Moon.  The so called "good-bye" scene is pathetic.  It's quite obvious that Steph has never experienced a great lose such as loosing your soul-mate as she tried to portray Bella having gone through.  Having Bella just standing there saying nothing, doing nothing, acting like a lump off flesh while Edward is saying good-bye is not what a normal person would do.  Nor once he left would they just start to walk casually off into the woods saying his name.  NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!  That is NOT what happens when you have your soulmate ripped from you.  Believe me, I know.  If I had written it, I would have written it the way things like that really happen in real life.
More romance between Bella and Edward.  Melissa has written a lot of romance between Jacob and Bella but hardly anything between Edward and Bella.  I'm beginning to think she doesn't like Edward.  We know she doesn't like Bella, at least they was Steph wrote her and that's why she has changed so much of the storyline.  Personally I think she is an awful screenwriter because someone who adapts books to the screen are supposed to adhere to the original piece of work as much as possible and not let personal opinions sway you.  She has let her prejudices influence her writing of all the movie scripts and characters.  If I was an author and I needed a screenwriter, I would never pick Melissa Rosenberg.  In my opinion, she's ruined the Twilight movies.


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