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I couldn't help getting a little disgusted when I heard that the screenwriters left out parts of the book in the movie because the movie needed to fit inside of a time limit. I don't know about you but I sat through three hours of Dancing with Wolves and just that long during everyone of the Lord of the Rings movies with my husband. I would much rather watch my vampires and werewolves for that long than I would watching faeries and hobbitts. So I say here here if they want to make New Moon and Eclipse that long I would definitely sit through them.

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Of course I would sit throught it if it was more than 2 hours. I also sat throught LOTR for 3 1/2 hrs. The movies are definitely worth it.

I would love it!

I'm with you on the LOTR thing. I sat throught that at the movies, but think we had an intermission. I would absolutely love it if it was more than 2 hours long because we could get so much more!
I would sit through any of the Twilight Saga Movies all day long if they would make them like the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LMAO - that's exactly what i was thinking when i read your first post!
My Thoughts Exactly!!!
Well said CW! They totally ruined twilight for me. i watched it yesterday and not only did i feel disgusted throughout, i felt saddened afterwards. it is just too bad that movie was so poorly done. Thank goodness we have the books, they are just the BEST!
I don't know too many fans that would say no to sitting through a longer than 2 hour Twilight movie. I've already stated that I think Breaking Dawn will be 2 really long movies! LOL
I too sat through LOTR and agree with you all that the Twilight saga is worth sitting through. More time to stare at the beautiful vampire men!! Hell Yeah! Also to agree with CW it would get a lot of things right or less things cut out if they were to do a longer movie. Though I don't think there was any better movie than the one in my head while reading the books! :)
I'm glad I am not the only one! It was really hard to pull away from the books when reading them. Oh and the part in Italy where he's just about to walk out and show everyone how he's different (I wanted to say expose here but that sounded REALLY wrong! LOL)! I couldn't put the book down till I made sure Bella got to him!
My mental movie is also so much better than anything i could possibly see on screen. and Jacob is HUGE - not just tall, but ripped... even bigger than kellan (did i just say that?!)
Definately. Make them 5 hours to capture EVERYTHING in the books!!!! They would need an intermission, though if they were that long!!!
OF course!!!!!! I couldn't pull myself away from the books..... I would stay up till 2/3/4 in the morning reading.
i read new moon in 8 hours the first time - i just couldn't put it down. first because it was so unbelievably sad, and then because it was so exciting, and finally because i thought, what the hell i've read this long waiting for him to come back i HAVE to see what happens next!


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