The Twilight Saga

I thought it would be fun to find out how deeply addicted some of us are give a few insights from either when you first started reading the books or now~

I'll start:

You know your addicted when:

When you just completed a chapter of Twilight, you go to get a glass of water and someone in your family asks you a question and all your really hearing is "blah, blah, blah" cause your mind is still in the book~

While reading Twilight you are thinking to yourself..I want an Edward,.. I want an Edward. (and you are happily married/two kids..ugh)~ lol

You get to the store as quickly as possible before your finished with one book to make sure there is no pause before you start the next one~

You just can't stop wanting MORE of this wonderful world of Twilight and join a remarkable group of over 30 yr olds who share the same feeling~ :)

I am sure there is much more.. (this is going to be a crack up!) what are some of your signs that you are addicted?

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My husband now ask people if they have seen the car I got form Edward Cullens . Jealous of a book!
Wow, sounds like I wrote that!
you are addicted to Twilight when the pile of laundry is taller than Jacob Black because you have your nose stuck in a book 23/7!

When all four of your kids know the story of Twilight because you had to tell them about it because they constanly wanted to know why you named your dog JASPER!!!!
When you go to the book store in search of a book, because you love to read, and your now done with the series for the 4th time...& u spend countless time hoping for something to pop out at you, but leave instead with a magazine because nothing else interest you anymore- nothing like Edward or Twilight and am fearful that you will never find another book to read but them again!!
I know that feeling Danielle. I am reading them for the fourth time and I don't think anything will ever compare! :)
Dito! I can't seem to get enough.
Not only addicted but infecting innocent members of your family when your son describes his new amazing , beautiful laptop as... " well if Edward was a computer he'd be this one ! ......"
Hi Susan, I am at the highest end of the age scale here- 30+ 20 my son is 22. He is not computer minded but very kind as he went with me to see the film twice and let me tell him the story of the books , well his patience ran out about half way through Eclipse, but he has promised I can continue with it when he has fully.... appreciated.... the rest of them!
When you read any other book and feel like your're cheating on someone.

When you day dream about TwiCon 2009 that's happening 5 months from now.

When you try to rationalize to yourself that you are not a perv.....Edward is over 100 years old!

When you want to buy the Twilight movie, even though you were disappointed in the shallowness of it just for the added deleted scenes and extra features.

When you are so desperate to talk to another Twi-hard that you buy the whole saga for your friend and force feed it to her.

When you have a bumper sticker on your car that says, "Don't Provoke the Volturi!"
I kwym by "cheating"... totally! lol
...when your six year old son's class puts together a project about their mothers..and yours reads.. my mom has blonde hair mom has green mom's favorite thing to do is anything with twilight
You know your addicted when:

It's ten minutes to midnight and you are reading Breaking Dawn...then you told to yourself - just ten more minutes - so, you keep reading for a while. Then you look to your clock and it's three a.m. ...and you have to wake up at seven, AND ANYWAY YOU REALLY CAN'T STOP READING!!!


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