The Twilight Saga

I thought it would be fun to find out how deeply addicted some of us are give a few insights from either when you first started reading the books or now~

I'll start:

You know your addicted when:

When you just completed a chapter of Twilight, you go to get a glass of water and someone in your family asks you a question and all your really hearing is "blah, blah, blah" cause your mind is still in the book~

While reading Twilight you are thinking to yourself..I want an Edward,.. I want an Edward. (and you are happily married/two kids..ugh)~ lol

You get to the store as quickly as possible before your finished with one book to make sure there is no pause before you start the next one~

You just can't stop wanting MORE of this wonderful world of Twilight and join a remarkable group of over 30 yr olds who share the same feeling~ :)

I am sure there is much more.. (this is going to be a crack up!) what are some of your signs that you are addicted?

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You know you're addicted when your husband, Fred, tells you that you can call him "FREDWARD" because he knows it's the only way to catch (and keep) your attention!!!!
OMG! I do the same with my husband!
When I initially cracked on the movie, but then sped to get the book the day after. Since then, I have read all of them about five or six times. I can't seem to start any other book-I have three others, but they're not interesting. I am on the sites every night, have ordered two of the DVDs for variety, waiting for the director's book and......waiting for my own Edward doll to get here. How did this happen? :) My kid thinks I'm nuts.....
Ok this will be confusing with 2 Erins now we will have to be Erin 1 and Erin 2 but welcome Erin.Nice name by the way.
It sounds like I need to cave in and buy the saga on cd now. I wasn't going to because I have the books, but I never thought about listening to them while I grocery shop. I do travel a lot and I bet that would make the time go by real fast. I am doing my darnedest not to get sucked in, but I can seeing that kind of support isn't going to happen here. lol
I decided to read New Moon again. I was JUST going to read New Moon, just to see if it still had the same effect the second time, it did. Well, I couldn't stop. I started Breaking Dawn for the third time today!!
I had to read New Moon about 5 times before I could read it w/o crying. I am not so upset when he leaves her anymore. But, when they get back from Italy and he's trying to convince her she's awake, and he leans down ot kiss her and she asks him not to because she can't take the pain. That still hurts.
I am on New Moon for the second time now. I just can't get in to Jacob. I always feel irritated with him because he's not Edward.
LOL I know I have a problem, I'm just glad I 'm not alone. LOL :D
Me too!! I've actually DREAMED about these, ahem, people.
Me too, and I'm not in the dreams! I dream differrent story lines for them! I thought I was completely alone in this. Good to know I am...ummm normal. ;)
No, we are here with you. In the same boat :)


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