The Twilight Saga

I thought it would be fun to find out how deeply addicted some of us are give a few insights from either when you first started reading the books or now~

I'll start:

You know your addicted when:

When you just completed a chapter of Twilight, you go to get a glass of water and someone in your family asks you a question and all your really hearing is "blah, blah, blah" cause your mind is still in the book~

While reading Twilight you are thinking to yourself..I want an Edward,.. I want an Edward. (and you are happily married/two kids..ugh)~ lol

You get to the store as quickly as possible before your finished with one book to make sure there is no pause before you start the next one~

You just can't stop wanting MORE of this wonderful world of Twilight and join a remarkable group of over 30 yr olds who share the same feeling~ :)

I am sure there is much more.. (this is going to be a crack up!) what are some of your signs that you are addicted?

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******Raises Hand sheepishly*********

I have actually done
You guys are seriously cracking me up! And don't get me wrong, love kids and husbands but can I just say I am SO glad I have neither! I can read the books over and over again and watch the movie until I wear it out. Now, I will admit that my cats were pissed that I didn't change their litter very often the week I was reading all the books... but they did eventually forgive me. I'm so glad I found this board - now I don't feel like I'm going insane!
*******again raises hand******

Have done this tooo...OMJ.. Im seriously starting to think I have a problem
Oh .. You are cracking me up!! lol I cant stop laughing at/with everyone... my side hurts!! I don't think it would be so funny if we didn't all relate in the same way!! :)
You know you're addicted when:

You try to pretend you are not, you try to find other things to do but in the end of the day you catch yourself Googleing Rob Pattinson, Twilight, ANYTHING TWILIGHT. lol
That was me all day today! First thing this morning before checking email (gasp!) and all day at work on this board. I tried to catch up on all the politics on Huffington Post but that lasted about five minutes. I'm officially sixteen years old again. Woohoo!
....when you absolutely have no possible way to hold the books in your hand and focus on them, you have the audiobook on (specially Breaking Dawn.. for the 27th time)
Oh here's one,when your husband does not shave and his hair is all messy that he cannot quite pull off the sex appeal that rob pattinson can.
Hahaha love it :D
I am always trying to make my kids hair look like Rob P. They are always complaining saying that they are not Edward!
When you rush to the store to buy the next book and you don't even wait to get home to read it (Yep - that was me reading the first few pages of Breaking Dawn at all of the stop lights on my way home!).
You are addicted when:

You brave an ice storm that has shut-down the city just to buy the last two books in the series....
You buy new Wii games for your family so that they won't bother you while you are reading...
You miss your child scoring a goal at soccer practice because your nose was in one of the books....AGAIN!
You spend more time Googling Rob Pattinson than working on homework for collge classes...


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